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10 Things Not To Give Up During Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different, so it is important not to take decisions on your own, without consulting the doctor first.

If you have been having complications at the start of your pregnancy, it is necessary to ask your doctor what is good for you and what is not.

Recently, studies have stated that massages during pregnancy are important and healthy for the mother and foetus. When you massage the body, the blood circulation gets improved and there is less of blood clotting that occurs.

At the same time, massaging helps at the end of the trimester too, as it gets you physically and mentally prepared for labour.

On the other hand, lovemaking too is one of the other things that you must not give up on during pregnancy, as sex releases the feel-good hormones that aid in making you feel relaxed and composed.

Doctors also warn mothers not to drink coffee when pregnant; however, limited consumption causes no problems at all in pregnancy.

So, here are some of the best 10 things not to give up during pregnancy. Ladies, why don't you take a look at these things, but as mentioned above, consult your doctor first before going ahead:



Intercourse is healthy during pregnancy, and it doesn't cause a miscarriage. In fact, women should enjoy their heightened hormonal level when pregnant, as you will receive the best orgasms ever.



Coffee contains caffeine which is not good for the baby, if you drink it in excess. However, a little each morning after breakfast won't cause the foetus any harm.



The general healthy rule to follow is, whatever exercise you were doing before getting pregnant should be continued even during pregnancy. This will help the body to keep fit and the foetus strong.



Travelling is safe for pregnant women, as long as you sit up, stand and walk at regular intervals at the time of travel. And, while travelling place a soft cushion behind your back to provide more comfort.



Meat is healthy to eat during pregnancy, since it contains iron. However, when it comes to cold meat, it is suggested to pre-cook it, as cold meat can carry listeria, a bacteria that is harmful for the growing foetus.


Love To Sleep On Your Back

It is often said that pregnant women should avoid sleeping on their back, as it aids in decreasing the blood circulation to the placenta. However, most women love to sleep on the back and that is okay, as long as you don't sleep on the back for a long time.


Long Baths

Long baths in that tub of bubbles and warm water can be soothing for a tired pregnant woman. It is safe as long as your core body temperature is maintained at 98.6 degree Farenheit.


Different Hair Colours

Colouring your hair after the first trimester is safe, but not in the first three months. The fumes that are emitted from the hair colour are not good for the pregnant women to inhale.


Dairy Products

As long as the dairy products are pasteurised, they are safe to be consumed. However, if not pasteurised, you are at a risk of listeriosis.



Consult a trained prenatal message therapist to help you feel like heaven with a massage. Pregnant women should get a massage done at least once in a month to help feel relaxed and remove that sore feeling.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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