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7 Ways To Deal With Extreme Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a blessing, but when it comes to morning sickness, it isn't much of a treat. Out of 10 pregnant women, 8 of them suffer from this pregnancy-related problem.

Morning sickness can start as early as six weeks in pregnancy and tends to peak around the eighth and ninth weeks.

To deal with morning sickness, you should only turn to home remedies. Remember, Kate Middleton, the Duchess, who also suffered from terrible morning sickness? Well, she too turned to home remedies to get relief.

Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the best remedies you can opt for if you are one of those women suffering from morning sickness.

However, if this problem persists for a longer time, it is best to get it treated immediately at a clinic. So, take a look at these remedies for morning sickness. It will do you some good:


Lemon Scent

Oestrogen is the hormone that's responsible for the sense of smell, so if your oestrogen level is high, sniffing on lemon will help to make you feel better.


Get Hydrated

Hydration is the key to keep morning sickness at bay. If you stay dehydrated, you will automatically feel sick in the tummy. Drink a lot of fluid and add a lot of juices too, especially the ones that are high in vitamin C.


Oranges Do The Deal

Oranges are good for pregnant women, especially the ones who are suffering from morning sickness. Drink lots of orange juice and sniff the peel too, to ward off the trouble.


Ginger It Up

Ginger is beneficial for all types of problems in pregnancy. It not only treats nausea, but it also helps with an upset tummy too. Sip on ginger tea in the morning to prevent and put an end to morning sickness.


Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk is a fantasy drink for most Indian women, since it is considered to make the baby fair. However, this beverage is also good in treating morning sickness. You can either drink it before going to bed or drink it first thing in the morning.


Lemon Juice

This is an ancient remedy to get rid of any sickness. To one glass of lemon juice, add one tablespoon of honey. Sip on this drink whenever you feel sick. It will help solve the pregnancy-related problem in no time.


Lie Down

Lie down if you feel sick. Raise your head on a pillow and breathe deeply. This simple exercise can help to make you feel better and thus get rid of the morning sickness.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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