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7 Simple Ways To Reduce Morning Sickness, Which Really Work!

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If you are a soon-to-be mom, then you would be very familiar with morning sickness; and surely, it can exhaust you to no end!

The constant feeling of nausea, which you experience every morning, the consequent vomiting and stomach upsets, extreme aversion to certain tastes and odours, etc., can all be quite frustrating for a pregnant woman.

Morning sickness is a condition experienced by most pregnant women during the first trimester of their pregnancy, in which a woman feels nauseous and also vomits.

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Usually, morning sickness starts around the 4th week of pregnancy and eases away around the 14th week.

Professionals say that more than 50% of the pregnant women, across the globe, experience morning sickness.

So, for about 10 or more weeks, a pregnant woman has to go through the discomfort of experiencing morning sickness.

While morning sickness does not harm the health of the unborn child, if it happens in excess, it might lead to dehydration and weakness in the mother.

So, here are a few best tips to reduce morning sickness, which actually work, take a look!


Tip #1

Ensure that your eat small meals, multiple times in a day instead of sticking to 3-4 big meals. This habit is known to reduce acidity and keep nausea at bay.


Tip #2

Food cravings are common during pregnancy; however, if you indulge in overeating, it can only worsen your morning sickness. So, eat healthy and in limited quantities.


Tip #3

Include foods like fresh fruits, salads, curd, etc, in your diet, which have a cooling effect on your system, as body heat is known to worsen morning sickness.


Tip #4

Just before you go to bed, you can consume foods that are rich in proteins and carbohydrates like curd, muesli, etc., to help curb nausea in the morning.


Tip #5

Fruit juices and water work better with morning sickness if they are cold, rather than at room temperature. So, you can add a few ice cubes to your drinks and sip on them slowly.


Tip #6

Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, mosambi, etc., work very well in providing relief from morning sickness and citrus-rich fruits are also healthy for the unborn baby.


Tip #7

You can keep some peppermint oil with you and sniff on it, whenever you feel nauseous. Peppermint oil is known to help reduce the feeling of nausea to a considerable extent.

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