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9 Best Drinks For Nausea During Pregnancy

By Debdatta Mazumbder

Though pregnancy is a boon to many of you, the hazards can only be felt when you go through the journey. And when, every morning, you feel like world crushing on your head and you’re going to puke, puke and puke, you think, “Have I taken the right decision?” Yes, you have, as motherhood makes a woman complete.

After all, you have the power to bear all these troubles and the almighty has prepared you for those to create life. Now, it is very important to follow strict routine during your pregnancy.

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Your eating habits, lifestyle, drinking habits, etc, all are going to be changed. Doctors always suggest having a lot of water during this time.

But, having water in an empty stomach can make you feel nauseated more. Besides, pregnant ladies don’t feel like drinking water all the time. Well, now there's no more getting irritated with it. Listed here are some of the best drinks to treat pregnancy nausea.

If you’re a mother, you know how nausea has made you feel troubled all throughout the day, right? A sudden smell of something and you feel the urge to vomit.

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With best drinks for pregnant women, the new would-be mothers can feel relieved. Also, these best drinks to treat pregnancy nausea can meet the need of fluids in your body. So, go through these best drinks for pregnant women and share the information with your other pregnant friends as well. Have a look.


1. Have Lemon Water

The refreshing aroma of lemon can heal you from the feeling of nausea. Squeeze lemon juice into water and have a little sip of it. Don't drink it all together, as that can make you feel nauseated more.


2. Make Smoothies

While talking of best drinks for pregnant women, what can be better than this? Sometimes, pregnant women don't like to eat anything. Smoothies can be a food item too to keep them full and energetic with loads of nutrients. Choose your favourite fruits and make some smoothies.


3. Ginger Water

The tang of ginger can reduce your nausea to a great extent. Chop ginger finely and pour it into a pitcher. Fill it with water. You can also add peppermint leaves to it for better results. It is better to have it chilled, so store in the refrigerator.


4. Vegetable Juices

These are one of the best drinks for pregnancy nausea. If you don't like to have one vegetable, then make exotic combos. Make a combination of carrots and mint or spinach and gooseberries. These can give you subtle relief.


5. Anti-Nausea Herbal Tea

These can definitely reduce your trouble from morning sickness. You can have 2-3 cups of ginger tea throughout the day, and the effect of ginger on nausea is a proved fact.


6. Mixed Fruit Juice

There are many women who nauseate more with the smell of milk during pregnancy. How to make best drinks for pregnancy nausea with milk? How about mixing your favourite fruits to it? Milk is essential during this stage. So, mix all the berries with it to make a yummy drink.


7. Buttermilk

Not only does this fight with nausea; but this yummy drink also performs as a cooling agent and also helps you digest food easily. This tasty amazing drink should be on your list.


8. Lemonade

If plain lemon water tastes sour and you don't like it, prepare lemonade. Add sugar and salt to lemon water and refrigerate it. Add twigs of peppermint leaves and you're ready with your nausea-relieving drink.


9. Coconut Water

To end the list of best drinks for pregnancy nausea, this is the best. According to experts, little sips of coconut water not only relieves nausea, but also keeps your BP under control during the last trimester.

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