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Home Remedies To Control Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

High blood pressure is dangerous for the foetus as well as for the mother. When pregnant, your pressure needs to be in control.

When the BP shoots up above 140/90 mm Hg, it can cause multiple problems in pregnancy.

If the pressure does not regulate and come down to normalcy within 20 weeks of pregnancy, a condition known as pre-eclampsia can develop, which is known as toxaemia and pregnancy-induced hypertension.

This is a serious condition that leads to an impact on the brain and kidney simultaneously destroying the other organs in your body. High BP that generally causes pre-eclampsia will show symptoms like protein in urine, abnormal swelling in the hands and feet and persistent headaches. It can have an effect on the baby's growth rate and result in a low birth weight.

So, the best thing for the mother to do is to control her high blood pressure in every possible way. If medications are advised to regulate the pressure level, don't miss out on taking them.

However, if doctors have advised you to go in for home remedies, then here are some of the best ways to control high blood pressure during pregnancy:


Watch Your Salt Intake

Too much of salt is bad to consume during pregnancy. Stick to only 3 grams of salt if you are suffering from high blood pressure.


Fluids To The Rescue

Make it a habit to drink plenty of fluids during the day, as this perfect habit helps in reducing high blood pressure. You can opt for fruit juices and vegetable juices minus the salt and sugar.


Follow A Healthy Diet

Did you know, the healthier you eat, the more healthy you will be for the foetus. Alpha-linolenic acid can be obtained from soybean, walnuts, flaxseeds and dark green leafy vegetables like spinach. By adding these foods to your daily diet, you will be able to control your blood pressure naturally without any medication.


Increase Your Omega- 3 Foods

It is necessary to increase your omega-3 fatty acid intake if you are struggling to battle high blood pressure during pregnancy. Foods like cod liver oil, walnut tofu, sardines, etc, are good options to choose from.


Natural Supplements To Decrease BP

One of the best natural supplements that can help to decrease high blood pressure during pregnancy is cocoa. One serving of cocoa contains flavanoids that help to stimulate the body's production of nitric oxide, which boosts blood to the brain and the rest of the body, enabling to regulate the blood pressure.


Fall In Love With Herbs

Did you know that there are some herbs that work wonders in controlling high blood pressure? Garlic eases the spasms in the arteries, modifies the rhythm of the heart and slows down the pulse rate, thus reducing high BP.


Go For A Walk

Going for a walk can solve a lot of health problems, especially high blood pressure. While you walk, breathe in deeply and exhale. Take small steps and think of positive things to help reduce and control high BP.


Adopt A Pet

Adopt a pet to divert your ruckus mind. This is the best and most natural way to control your blood pressure during pregnancy. Pets can ease your mind and divert your attention from all the stress and tension.

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