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Drinking Green Tea During Pregnancy Safe?

Green tea is one of the best and most healthiest teas that is available in the market. It is a favourite among a lot of people and when compared to other herbal teas, green tea has the highest amount of antioxidants and other healthy nutrients.

Since it is a health-enhancing drink, green tea contains properties that help prevent the damage to the skin cells and, at the same time, protect the body against blood pressure, diseases related to the heart and another major health problems like diabetes.

Though most of the herbal teas have the same capabilities, green tea ranks the highest when it comes to its rich nutritional value and iron, calcium and magnesium content. So, with all these benefits and elements, what makes one think that green tea is not healthy for a pregnant woman!

According to a research, when a pregnant woman drinks green tea, it aids in looking after her teeth and bones.

The calcium that is present in one cup of green tea will put an end to oral problems, which is a common issue during pregnancy.

On the other hand, green tea also helps to boost the immunity, therefore, preventing you from developing any disease during pregnancy.

So, read on to see some of the other benefits and effects of green tea on pregnant women. It will leave you amazed:

How Much Green Tea To Drink When Pregnant?
According to sources, it is said that a pregnant woman can have just one cup of green tea in a day. Exceeding more than that can cause harm to the baby, since this herbal tea contains heavy properties.

Benefits Of Green Tea When Pregnant?
As mentioned earlier, green tea aids in looking after the bones and teeth. It also prevents one from developing cancer and, at the same time, green tea helps in promoting better health, which includes boosting the body's immunity and metabolism.

What Happens If A Pregnant Woman Drinks A Lot Of Green Tea?
The intake of too much of green tea will prevent a pregnant lady from absorbing the folic acid in her body. This can be very harmful for the baby.

What Happens To The Foetus When A Woman Drinks Too Much Of Green Tea?
According to a study, due to intake of green tea in a larger quantity, the unborn baby can develop defects in the neural tube. Green tea prevents the absorption of iron from vegetables and so it must be avoided with meals.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Drinking Green Tea When Pregnant?
Green tea contains EGCG. This is known as epigallocatechins that affect the use of folate in the body. If there is insufficient folate in a pregnant woman's body, the baby she is carrying in her womb will have bodily defects. At the same time, every tea has some amount of caffeine in it, which again is dangerous for the foetus.

What Are The Safe Teas To Drink When Pregnant?
Ginger tea is good to drink during pregnancy, as it helps to give one relief from morning sickness. Peppermint tea helps with nausea, vomiting and an upset stomach. And, raspberry leaf tea is helpful in stimulating the uterus and preparing it for labour.