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Changes Seen On The Skin During Pregnancy

By: Sneha A

Being a mother is a pretty challenging task, and not just emotionally, but also physiologically. A woman's body has to go through so many changes and experiences, which begin right when she gets pregnant.

Pregnancy is usually accompanied with a number of uncomfortable symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, hair fall, swelling, etc, which you may have to face all through the next nine months.

However, there is one change that expecting mothers are often curious to know about and that is the change which takes place to the skin in pregnancy.

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I'm sure, all of us have heard about the positive changes in skin that occur during the early stages of pregnancy.

We have been hearing about the famous pregnancy glow and the radiance that women tend to have during pregnancy, from almost everybody.

But the question is, does this stand true for everybody? Does your skin glow in the early pregnancy stage all the time?

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The dream of every mom-to-be is of obtaining that flawless skin that they have been wanting forever. Every woman's body is different and so is its response to pregnancy.

The following points will help you understand the skin changes that happen in pregnancy and how to make the best of the situation, have a look.


1. Skin Becomes Shiny & Healthy:

The female body goes through a number of hormonal changes during the pregnancy period. Because of this change in the levels of hormones, the skin is known to be producing more oils and hence becomes shinier. Thus, this change in hormones does make the skin appear beautifully healthy and glowing.


2. Increased Blood Supply:

The face of an expecting mom usually begins to look radiant during the second trimester of pregnancy. As the foetus grows within the mother's womb, the body increases blood supply to all the organs, so as to support the new growing life. This increase in blood supply, which is almost 50% more than the normal, has the most important role to play for the beaming skin of the mom-to-be.


3. Healthy Dietary Habit That Adds To The Beauty:

One more thing that should not be underestimated is the change in the mother's diet and routine. A pregnant woman is bound to consume more of healthy foods and juices, fresh vegetables, fruits and supplements like folic acid, multi-vitamins, etc. This change in dietary habit will of course help in adding to the glow.


4. Dark Patches On Skin Or Chloasma:

Like every coin has two sides, so does this. While a lot of women enjoy the flawlessness in their skin during pregnancy, some have to face its bitter part, which is known as Chloasma or the infamous pregnancy mask. Chloasma is a condition in which the woman has to bear brown or even darker spots or patches on the face, which are extremely visible and thus are very embarrassing.


5. Hyperpigmentation Of The Skin:

Hyper-pigmentation can also be a problem among pregnant women due to the increase in the melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH), other than the oestrogen and progesterone homones. It is usually witnessed in women with darker skin tones; however, a few of the lighter-toned women may also have to deal with it.


6. Acne On The Skin:

Pregnancy acne can also be a problem in women who already have an oily skin type. The excess of the hormone progesterone leads to the increase in the production of oils in the sebaceous gland; and this in turn can cause the skin to breakout causing acne during pregnancy.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 12, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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