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Can Taking Painkillers During Pregnancy Lead To Birth Defects?

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Many of you may have noticed, the minute a woman announces that she is pregnant, her loved ones, after the initial excitement, bombard her with advices and suggestions!

It can be quite overwhelming, but, at the same time, the to-be mom pays heed to all the advice because she wants what is best for her baby!

Pregnancy is also that phase in a woman's life that fills her with a lot of anxiety regarding health concerns about herself and her unborn baby.

A to-be mother has to take extra precautions when it comes to her lifestyle patterns. She has to learn to eat healthy and avoid foods that can be harmful for her during the pregnancy term.

She also has to exercise in moderation and not over-exert herself. The pregnant lady must try and stay away from certain vices such as smoking, drinking, drug use, etc, as these habits may lead to health complications in the child.

is it safe for pregnant women to take painkillers

However, sometimes, a pregnant woman may suffer from unexpected disorders, which may cause a certain amount of pain. In such instances, a pregnant lady may opt for painkillers to help find relief.

But, is taking painkillers healthy for the baby? Well, a new study states that consuming painkillers on a regular basis, when a woman is pregnant, can lead to birth defects in the unborn baby.

Why Painkillers Can Cause Birth Defects?

A recent research conducted a survey in which they studied the difference between women who consumed painkillers during their pregnancy and women who did not.

The result they found showed that more than 6% of the women who were taking painkillers during pregnancy gave birth to infants who had major birth defects.

The research study also claims that along with strong painkillers, certain other medications prescribed for anxiety, seizures, depression, bipolar disorder, etc, may also lead to certain birth defects in infants, when consumed by the pregnant lady.

It is said that certain chemicals found in these drugs can enter the infant's bloodstream through the placenta in the womb.

is it safe for pregnant women to take painkillers

When these strong chemicals enter the developing system of the foetus, they may damage the central nervous system of the child and cause various brain-related birth defects.

So, in conclusion, it can be said that women who take painkillers during pregnancy, especially the first trimester, are three times more likely to give birth to infants with birth defects compared to the women who don't take painkillers.

Hence, it is best to avoid taking painkillers during pregnancy.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 14:46 [IST]
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