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Can Swine Flu Vaccine Given To Pregnant Women Cause Birth Defects In Children?

As pregnant women, we would have a lot of concerns when it comes to the well-being of our unborn, right? So, many of us may have wondered if swine flu vaccination can cause birth defects in children, when taken during pregnancy.

Now, there are a lot of myths surrounding any kind of vaccinations that are administered to people, in order to prevent certain diseases.

Some people argue that vaccinations can do more harm than good to people who take them, in the long run.

A vaccination can be described as an intravenous method of administering certain antigenic material into a human's body, so that they develop an immunity against certain diseases-causing pathogens, thus preventing diseases.

A number of deadly disorders such as small pox have actually been eradicated due to the benefits of vaccinations.

Lately, swine flu, a type of viral disease, is on the rise. Some of the symptoms of swine flu include, fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, etc.

It is noted that children and pregnant women are at a high risk of developing swine flu, as their immune systems may be weaker.

So, does the swine flu vaccination given to pregnant women, cause birth defects in their children? Let us find out.

Effects Of Vaccination On Pregnant Women

Currently, a huge global debate has been going on about how vaccinations given to pregnant women can cause ill-effects in their children.

Also, some people do believe that the MMR vaccination given to infants can cause autism in some of them, later on.

However, these beliefs are just theories with no solid scientific proof. Many experts have claimed that vaccinations given to pregnant women or infants in well-monitored doses can have no long-term side effects.

Can Swine Flu Vaccine Cause Birth Defects?

Since pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing H1N1 flu (swine flu), doctors advice most pregnant women to take the swine flu vaccination, to prevent the disease.

Also, a recent research study has surveyed about 7,000 women who received the swine flu vaccination when they were pregnant, and noticed that their children had no signs of birth defects linked to the vaccine.

So, in conclusion, there is no evidence to suggest that swine flu vaccination given to pregnant women can cause birth defects in children.

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