9 Body Parts That Swell During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a happy period for every woman, leaving aside the multiple common pregnancy problems like nausea, weight gain, bleeding, vaginal discharge, cramps and abdominal pain.

Alongside these many problems, the body also swells up like a balloon, making the woman feel uncomfortable and heavy all over the body.

According to pregnancy experts, it is said that the body produces approximately 50% more blood and body fluids to meet the needs of the developing foetus that is growing inside the womb of the mother.

Though swelling is a normal part of pregnancy faced by all women, this bloated feeling is caused by the additional blood and fluid that may be retained in the body.

Normal swelling, which is also called oedema, can be experienced in the hands, face, legs, ankles, and feet. However, there are a few more parts of the body that experience this swelling.

Doctors advice pregnant women not to worry about this minor problem, as the swelling will drastically reduce over a period of time after delivery.

Here mentioned below are some of the body parts that swell during pregnancy, why don't you take a look at them:



The feet swelling up during pregnancy is a common problem for almost 90 percent of the pregnant women. To reduce the swelling in the feet, one must soak the delicate feet in warm water with some salt in it. Or the other best remedy to reduce the swelling is to raise the feet and practice a few feet exercises to increase the blood circulation to that area.



If you are worried about the swollen lips, it is nothing to get tensed about. Swollen lips during pregnancy is common and it is due to the change in hormones. The swelling will reduce in time and if the lips begin to crack massage the lips with butter or olive oil.



There are a lot of breast changes that occur at the time of pregnancy. From swelling, to tenderness in the breast, this is a common problem pregnant women have to welcome. Experts state that the swelling is due to the production of milk and once the baby is born, the swelling and the pain will decrease.



It is myth that if the nose swells up like a balloon you are carrying a girl baby. However, if you ignore these myths, the only explanation for a swollen nose during pregnancy is due to the fluctuation of hormones. The swelling will decrease eventually as you pass the trimesters.


Ankles & Legs

When the feet swells up due to the extreme pressure applied on them from the heavy tummy, it is only natural that the ankles and legs to swell up too. Though this is a problem not to worry about, it however becomes an issue when you start to develop blood clots on the legs in the swollen regions.



The swelling in the face is also due to the hormonal change. To bring down the swelling, there are a few facial exercises that can help. You can also change your diet by adding some vitamin C-rich foods that can help in reducing the swelling on the face.


Swollen Gums

It is common for pregnant women to face some level of pregnancy gingivitis. This oral problem leads to bleeding gums as well. To prevent and treat the problem, flossing your teeth and brushing them twice in a day is the best thing to do.



Women who have the faintest varicose veins on their body tend to suffer during pregnancy, when these veins fill up with fluids. The best way to treat the problem is to raise your feet to increase the blood circulation. You can also wear comfy clothes and shoes too.


The Vagina

As the baby inside the womb gets bigger and heavier, some women will experience a slight swelling in the vaginal area. This is due to the weight and fluid that are present in the womb. It is normally experienced towards the end of the eighth or ninth month when the baby is due.

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