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Benefits Of Drinking Jeera Water During Pregnancy

By: Sneha A

One among the most important part of cooking in the Asian region is the use of the seeds of Cumin in every dish that is prepared. It is well known for its strong pungent aroma and slightly bitter yet spicy taste, thus making it a very popular spice to be used in various dishes.

But even more than tingling the taste buds, Cumin or Jeera fulfills a number of medicinal purposes. The medicinal properties of cumin have been well known, making it a very valuable spice.

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In case of pregnant women, consuming a glass of cumin seed water is the best remedy for a number of conditions that they have to deal with throughout the duration.

The pharmacological benefits of Jeera water during pregnancy are considered not only extremely effective but also are very safe for the mother and foetus.

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All that has to be done to make this amazing concoction is to add 1 tablespoon of the seeds to 1 litre of water and simply boil it. Allow it to cool and then strain out the seeds from it.

Boiling it in the night will obviously be better, as it has ample time to cool down. Following are some of the points to depict the importance of drinking Jeera water in pregnancy.


1. It Helps Treat Anaemia:

Jeera water is very helpful in treating anaemia and thus improving the haemoglobin content of the body, which further helps in carrying the oxygen into the bloodstream and other parts of the body. These seeds are very rich in iron, which is very essential for pregnant as well as lactating women.


2. Prevents Birth Defects In The Baby:

Drinking cumin seed water daily during pregnancy helps in reducing and preventing the unborn baby from a number of birth defects.


3. Normalises Blood Pressure:

Jeera water is also very helpful in normalising the blood pressure. The potassium in Cumin seeds is extremely useful in proving relief from hypertension, which if caused is a danger for the soft tissues of the foetus.


4. Improves The Immune System:

Rich in iron content, Jeera water greatly improves the immune system. Apart from iron, it is also very rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants.


5. Treats Acidity:

Relieving acidity is also a quality of this great blend. Acidity, bloating and gastric problems are very common problems faced by pregnant women. Cumin seed water is very efficient in helping out in such situations.


6. Aids In Digestion:

One of the greatest benefits of drinking this Jeera water is that it aids in digestion. In fact, just drinking one glass of Jeera water every day helps in the secretion of such enzymes that fasten the digestion and increase the metabolism of the body.


7. Improves Secretion Of Saliva:

This blend of Cumin seeds and water also improves the secretion of saliva, which not only helps in enhancing the appetite, but also reduces digestive distresses.


8. Prevents Constipation-related Issues:

Jeera water helps in constipation, which is also a general condition suffered by many pregnant ladies.


9. Regulates The Blood Sugar Levels:

This water also helps in regulating the blood sugar levels. Rise in the levels of sugar in blood is quite harmful for the mother and child, and here Jeera water comes into action, managing this condition well.


10. Treats Several Common Ailments:

Several other common problems like nausea, diarrhoea, morning sickness, etc, can also be treated by drinking Cumin seed water every day. This simple mixture is a magic potion that can provide a quick relief in numerous everyday medical problems.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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