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Top Signs And Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy


Hearing the news of pregnancy has a mixed feelings for pregnant ladies. It brings joy, excitement, confusion and stress also. Waiting too long to get pregnant can cause fake symptoms also.

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How to know that I am pregnant? There are many signs and symptoms of early pregnancy that we will share with you today.

They mislead you as you think you are pregnant, and when you find out you are not, this upsets you a lot. There are some predominant signs and symptoms of early pregnancy that will clear your confusion.

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Today, Boldsky will share with you some signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. Have a look at some of the confirmed pregnancy symptoms.


Spotting And Mild Cramps

This occurs due to implantation of fertilised egg in the uterus. The egg travels from the fallopian tubes to the uterus to get implanted. This causes cramping and little spotting. However this may not occur in all pregnant women.


Swollen And Sore Breasts

How to know that I am pregnant? There will be breast changes during pregnancy. This is due to secretion of pregnancy hormones that cause changes in the breasts. The breasts become fuller and tender to touch.


Missed Period

This is the most obvious symptom of pregnancy. At the same time it is not necessary that it might be a pregnancy. Wait for at least one week after a missed period starting from the first day of missed period and then go for pregnancy test.


Food Cravings Or Food Aversions

You feel a nauseating feeling with the smell of certain foods and start to crave for some foods. This is due to hormonal change that occurs in pregnancy. This is one of the confirmed signs and symptoms of early pregnancy.


Fatigue And Feeling Sleepy

When you are pregnant you feel dizzy and more sleepy. This is because your body produces more progesterone in pregnancy. This may be also due to low blood pressure in the early pregnancy.


Vaginal Discharge

There will a white thick discharge from your vagina. This is also due to progesterone and more secretions are produced by the cervix to protect the baby from infections.


Mood Swings

This occurs under the influence of pregnancy hormones that surge in your body. You may feel elated and at the same time you get depressed. This is common in the first three months of your pregnancy.


Frequent Urination

This occurs due to the pressure of growing uterus on the bladder. This mostly occurs in fifth to eight week of pregnancy.



It may be mild and dull pain in the lower back. It may occur due to mental and physical stress in pregnancy. Some women experience back pain throughout their pregnancy.


Increased Appetite

You may feel always hungry than usual. You wake up with empty stomach with headache that only subsides after eating. This is an indication that your body needs more nutrition for you and your baby.

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Story first published: Friday, April 10, 2015, 3:03 [IST]
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