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Bladder Problem During Pregnancy

By Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara

With the cute rounded tummy in pregnancy comes the inconsistency too. During this awesome phase, women often face the problem of urinary trouble by the form of inability to control or modulate urine patterns. For some it might be just a small problem of frequent urination while others might face embarrassing leaks. This is one of the signs of bladder problems during pregnancy. Read on to find more.

The type of inconsistency experienced during pregnancy is mostly stress inconsistency, which is loss or leak of urine due to increased pressure on the bladder. This may be mostly attributed to the loosening of the pelvic muscles and pressure on bladder due to the baby. This is one of the common problems during pregnancy.

Urinary Incontinence During Pregnancy: Care Tips

The inconsistency could also be a result of over active bladder leading to painful uncontrollable spasms. The problems untreated might lead to long term problems as the pelvic floors loses its muscle strength for a long time and may not be sorted till 40’s in women. Frequent urination is mainly due excessive hormones in the body that need to be washed out of the body through urine to manage the hormone consistency in the body. Also, during pregnancy the blood flow in the body increases up to 50% leading to more processing of the fluids and in turn bladder problems during pregnancy.

Though some common problems during pregnancy regarding frequent urination could be solved by following these:


Voiding is the process used to solve common urinary problem problems during pregnancy in which the bladder is trained to pee at a given time, by making a time chart to regulate the urination frequency.

Stretching Time Between Peeing

Try to stretch time between two consecutive urine episodes to resolve some common problems during pregnancy. You can start with holding the urine for 10 minutes.

Empty The Bladder

Once you go for urinating try to lean forward to empty the bladder completely and not feel the urge to go again soon to decrease bladder problems during pregnancy.

Avoid Beverages

To avoid frequent urination during pregnancy try to reduce on the intake of coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, tea, citrus fruits and juices. These products are known to increase urinary frequency in people.

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Try pelvic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region, one such exercise is 'kegel' in which abdominal muscles worked upon. Try the exercises three times a day in sets of 10 initially.


It is a device used to either block or strengthen the pelvic muscles, but should be used by the suggestion from the doctor to solve bladder problems during pregnancy.

Moderate Weight Gain

Excessive weight gain can lead to excessive bladder problems during pregnancy due to the increased pressure. Restrict the weight gain to moderate and necessary.

No Constipation

Constipation is another reason for common problems during pregnancy as it presses the urinary bladder much more than it can take at the moment with the baby also doing the need full.

Pads In Emergency

In case of dire emergencies to avoid leaks and bladder problems during pregnancy, use sanitary pads but remember not to use tampons at all. They are a big no during pregnancy.

Cross Your Legs Or Sit Up During Sudden Movement

Whenever you do certain involuntary yet sudden activities such as coughing or laughing either cross your legs or sit up to avoid a leak.

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