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Tips For Nipple Care During Pregnancy

By: Asha Das
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Pregnancy is a time when a woman's body passes through various physical and emotional changes. The main reason for these changes is the hormonal variations associated with the pregnancy.

It is a clear fact that these hormonal changes are essential for you to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. But at the same time, you do experience some difficulties during your pregnancy period. A major problem that most pregnant women face is tenderness of the nipple.

Tips For Nipple Care During Pregnancy

Your body will be preparing for making you ready for breastfeeding your baby. The related physical and hormonal variations will cause remarkable changes in your nipples as well.

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The nipple changes may include an increase in size of your breasts as well as tenderness of nipples. As your delivery time nears, your nipples and areola (the area around the nipple) will change in shape and size and you may even notice a leakage of a yellowish substance known as colostrum. These are the preparations your body makes to feed your little one.

Nipple care during pregnancy is very important to keep yourself comfortable. It will be very helpful if you know some tips for nipple care during pregnancy. Here are some ideas that you can try for nipple care when your are pregnant.

Wear a comfortable bra: Selecting a proper bra has great importance in nipple care during pregnancy since your breast size is increasing. Try to wear a bra made of soft cotton, so that it will help alleviate your nipple pain. It is better to avoid tight and padded bras as this can aggravate your discomfort.

Use olive oil: Doing a short massage with olive oil is a good idea for nipple care during pregnancy. This will help retain the moisture of the skin. This will help to prevent any problems that are related to dry skin, which is very common during pregnancy.

No soap on nipples: Avoid using soap on your nipples, as this will make the nipples dry. Excess dryness of the nipple may eventually result in cracking. Use a good moisturising cleansing lotion instead of scented soaps. This is an important point to remember for nipple care while pregnant.

Moisturising creams: If you feel dryness on your nipples, use a good moisturising cream or lotion. It will help keep your nipple moisturised. There are products available in the market that are specially made for nipple care during pregnancy.

Nipple protectors: If you have sore nipples, you can try using nipple protectors that are available in the market. This acts as a barrier between your nipple and your clothes. Nipple protectors are very helpful in nipple care during pregnancy for women with painful nipples.

Use ice pads: Tender nipples during pregnancy is a difficult condition. It is a good idea to use an ice pad on your nipple to help relax. This will alleviate the pain and make you feel comfortable. Do this as a part of your nipple care during pregnancy.  

Breast pads: It is important to give extra care to your nipples while you experience leakage. Use a good quality breast pad. Keeping your nipples dry and clean is very important to avoid any infections. This is an important tip to remember for nipple care during pregnancy.

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