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Highlights Of Fifth Month Of Pregnancy


When you are 18 weeks pregnant, you are more or less at the half way mark of your pregnancy. And the good news for you is that you will enjoy the fifth month of your pregnancy the most. There are some special reasons for liking the fifth month of pregnancy the best. There are many 'first-times' in this phase of your pregnancy.

If you are 18 weeks pregnant, you can finally take a deep breath and enjoy your period of respite when it lasts. Here are some of the reasons why the fifth month of pregnancy is special and blissful for all would-be-moms.

Highlights Of Fifth Month Of Pregnancy:

Feel Good Factor

By now you would be over any remaining vestiges of morning sickness and your bouts of nausea at every other smell also might have left you. Usually, women who are 18 weeks or more pregnant feel as 'normal' as you can feel during your pregnancy.

Ultrasound Scan

The ultrasound scan that is done in the fifth month of pregnancy is the most special one. This is called the anomaly scan and it is done routinely these days. The anomaly scan is a detailed ultrasound scan to check the foetus for any birth deformities. Don't be scared, it is just a precautionary measure. And it will give you some candid pictures of your baby to start the album!

The First Kicks

By the time you are 18 weeks pregnant, your baby's legs are finally strong enough to kick and for you to feel them. If you are first time mother, you may not be able to feel the kicks in your fifth month itself. But if you are sensitive, then you will feel the first jolts of your baby's movements in your womb!

Eating For Two

Until now, the foetus was in the stage of differentiation. The cells were dividing and growing into different organs. But now, your baby will be growing in size as well. If you are foodie then this is the best possible time to indulge into the concept of 'eating for two'.

Travel During Pregnancy

If you think that travel during pregnancy is a taboo then you are being too back-dated. The last time you will travel peacefully without a hoard of baby bags is now! By the fifth month of pregnancy, you are relatively safe from miscarriages. Although you are never 100 per cent safe, you can plan a trip when you can relax. This is of course with your doctor's knowledge and permission.

These are some of the special highlights from the fifth month of your pregnancy. If you have any other special experiences, then do share it with us.

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Story first published: Friday, June 28, 2013, 5:29 [IST]
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