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Can Stress Cause Infertility?

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Wonder why even after trying so much you still couldn't conceive a child? Well medical explanations are not always enough to deal with infertility. Psychological reasons also needs to be considered. People with hectic jobs are at a higher risk of facing infertility. Though the link between stress and infertility is very weak the relationship between them definitely needs to be evaluated. Stress is a buzzword today and lets see how it influences your capacity to conceive a child.

Ovulation- Stress can cause infertility in women. Women with a hectic lifestyle and job undergo stress both in their professional and personal lives. In such cases, either they stop ovulating or there is very little ovulation. Therefore they are unable to conceive. Your cervical mucus may give you its indications. Instead of increased cervical wetness as you approach ovulation you may only notice dry patches. Deal with stress that causes infertility by going for several therapies.. Such therapies reverse the effects of stress and also boost your chances of conceiving.


Before you understand whether stress is causing infertility you first have to distinguish between constant and sudden stress. If someone is under constant stress then that may cause infertility. Stress resulting from marriage, travel etc. may not cause much damage to your ovulation process.

Menstrual Circle- A hectic lifestyle effects the menstrual cycle to a great extent. A healthy menstrual cycle is the indicator of the ability of a woman to conceive. In some women, the tenure of menstrual cycle reduces while in some it gets stopped completely. Stress as such can cause female infertility. So its better to visit a doctor immediately in such cases to deal with female infertility in time.

But sometimes women don't get periods for a month or so due the change of weather or an illness. There is nothing to worry in this case as you will naturally go back to your normal menstrual cycle.

Mind Body Relationship- Both the body and mind should be kept in good health if you want to become pregnant. Researches have shown that excessive stress directly affects our brain. It increases the production of a hormone named cortisol that reduces the sperm count and reproductive abilities. Another small protein hormone named RFamide-related peptide puts a brake on the reproductive abilities of both men and women. The brain also produces molecules called neuropeptides in response to emotional stress. This molecules may tamper the reproductive process. So try to be happy and develop a healthy mind-body relationship to deal with infertility.

Stress can really lead to infertility in both men and women. So change your unhealthy lifestyle and try to relax whenever you have time in order to get rid of stress.

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