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Is Pregnancy Brain A Myth?

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What is a pregnancy brain? It is condition that effects pregnant women especially in their first and third trimesters. You must have seen many times pregnant women forget things. There is nothing to be worried about it. You may also call it as one of the hallmark pregnancy problems. Let us see the various aspects of this problem.

What Is It?

Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy Hormones - Pregnancy brain is generally caused due to some pregnancy hormones that affect your brain cells. Hence you tend to forget things. But there is nothing to worry about it as this usually stops after the delivery of the child. Only in some rare cases this gets extended to a few months after delivery.

Thoughts- Also during pregnancy, a woman is too much engaged thinking about her would be child. And that is why she sometimes tends to forget things around her.

Stress- A woman remains too much stressed during pregnancy. She has to take care of her meals, medicines and what not. Also there is a tension building up to the delivery date and the coming days when things will change. Pregnancy brain is many a times caused just due to this stress.

Loss Of Sleep- Loss of sleep is quite common for pregnant women. They do not get enough sleep as they used to before. Loss of sleep many a times make people forget things.

No Brain Damage- But, there is no brain damage or loss of brain cells that lends to forgetfulness in pregnant women. And hence, there is no reason to worry. All such pregnancy problems are completely warded off after a successful delivery.

Tips To Combat

Check-list- There are various ways to combat such pregnancy problems. For example, one easy way to handle pregnancy brain is by writing down things. The short term loss of memory that you will be incurring will be very easy to deal with in this manner. As soon as you forget something, immediately peep into your check-list and recall what you have forgotten.

Reminders- Set reminders on your mobile or any other electronic gadgets for any important work or meeting that you think you might forget.

Reduce Work- Reduce your work load during pregnancy. Share them between your family members and try to relax as much as possible. This way your brain will be less engaged with things and at the same time you will tend to forget things much lesser than before.

Get Good Sleep- Getting enough sleep is one of the most important keys to handling your pregnancy brain. Get sleep for a minimum of 8-9 hours a day. This will also reduce your stress levels to a great extent.

Pregnancy brain is no more one of the most popular pregnancy myths. Use all the above measures to combat it in an effective way.

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