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Quick Remedies For Heartburn During Pregnancy

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Heartburn is one problem that is very common for women during pregnancy. Most pregnant women feel a burning sensation in the chest, usually behind the sternum or breastbone. This happens during the initial few months or throughout the entire tenure of pregnancy. Heartburns can sometimes be really uncomfortable and intrusive. They can also affect the progress of a woman's pregnancy.

Heartburn during pregnancy is usually caused by increased secretion of female hormone, progesterone. Increased progesterone levels relax the valve between the stomach and the esophagus. This facilitates stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus causing heartburn. Mostly, doctors prescribe medication for heartburn problems during pregnancy. But it has been found among pregnant women that the problem persists even after taking tablets used to curb heartburn. So, here are you few quick and safe home remedies that can be used by pregnant women when they have heartburn.


Drink lemonade: Dr. Theodore A.Barrody in his book, "Alkalinize or Die" discussed the use of lemon in treating heartburn. Lemon neutralises the acid in the stomach and create an alkaline state that checks acid reflux. Therefore, lemonade can be used as a quick remedy for heartburn.

Chew gum: This may sound weird to you but trust us, chewing gum can give you relief from heartburn. The reason why it helps to give relief is that when you chew gum, the salivary glands produce more saliva. When the saliva reaches the stomach, it neutralizes the acids and prevents heartburn.

Eat ginger: Ginger acts as a tonic for the stomach. Chinese herbalists use ginger in treatment of various stomach ailments and problem of acid reflux. Ginger is a safe option for pregnant women too. Make tea by soaking a piece of raw ginger in hot water and add a bit of sugar. It will give you a soothing relief from heartburn.

Dietary change: A little change in your diet can give you relief from heartburn during pregnancy. Commonly, heartburn is triggered by consumption of caffeinated beverages. Therefore during pregnancy, women must shun the use of these beverages. Consumption of spicy and oily foods must also be checked during pregnancy.

Lie down and elevate upper body part: This is the easiet method to get relief from heartburn. When you feel a burning sensation in your sternum then lie down and elevate the upper part of your body. This posture checks stomach acid refluxing to esophagus, curbing heartburn.

So next time, when you have a heartburn during pregnancy; try these methods and get relief from the problem.

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