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International Women’s Day: Here Are A Few Tips For Moms To Create A Perfect Work-Life Balance

By Shabana Khachi

Being a mother is hard, but being a working mother is even harder.

It is the 21st century where mums are shunning the conventional methods to motherhood, they no longer believe in giving up their jobs for the sake of raising a family. But managing both is certainly a herculean task for sure!!!

A lot of moms still choose to continue with their jobs apart from looking after their family. This may be due to many reasons such as being financially independent and having an immense passion for their work.

A family and a full-time job, both are time consuming and need dedication. Sometimes, things can be so overwhelming for working mothers that they simply find 24 hours too short for a day. This means to say that they just have so many things to do and so little time.

We working Mothers are always on the lookout for the ever elusive work-life balance. But does such a thing even exist or is it just a myth?

Certainly, women can have a perfect work-life balance if they know how to go about managing their most important resources - Time and Energy - effectively.

A perfect work-life balance is created when we are able to give a considerable amount of time for both the job and family. Both our personal and professional commitments shouldn't suffer due to each other. But how do we go about creating a balance?

Women should never be made to choose between their careers and family, as both are equally important to them. That is why on this International Women's day, we will guide all you working mothers on how to create that perfect work-life balance and get the most of everything.

Here are a few tips for working mothers to create a perfect balance between their work and home.


1) Hire A Domestic Help:

This, according to us, is the foremost requirement of working mothers. A great domestic help will not just take off the load of daily chores for you, they will also help you spend some quality time with your family. Trust us, the last thing you want to do after coming back from a hard day of work is to find a pile of dishes and clothes waiting for you.


2) Have A No-work Policy At Home:

Make it clear to your colleagues and boss at work that you will not entertain work e-mails or answer calls until and unless it is the matter of life and death! The time at home should be spent by helping your kids with their home work or asking them how their day went.


3) Set Priorities:

The first waking minute of your day should be spent by setting up your priorities for the day and following it at work. Important tasks should be done in the first half of the day. This way, you can actually wind up your work before time and head home.


4) Try To Live Nearer To Work:

This tip is very important for working mothers in metro cities, as traffic can be a major time-consuming thing. Living closer to your work place can have many benefits. Can you imagine that people spend almost 3-4 hours every day just travelling to and fro? But we working mothers haven't got that kind of a time. Staying closer to work will save you some valuable time, which is just enough to bring a big smile on your kid's face. Also, you are closer to reach home in case of emergencies.


5) Plan Your Leaves Ahead:

Every job pays for a certain amount of leaves per employee. School nowadays hand out a yearly planner beforehand. See the connection? You can easily plan your leaves according to your child's school planner, so that you never miss their annual day or the very important science fair.


6) Divide Responsibilities Between Your Partner And You:

It is all about supporting each other and understanding. Dividing responsibilities between your partner and you will ease both of your work load. Things will get done faster and you will also have more time for each other. A win-win for both.


7) Indulge In Stress-busting Activities Often:

Working mothers would go under a lot of stress on a daily basis. This stress can build-up over time and cause health problems. Therefore, it is very important to address the issue. Taking up an activity, which relieves your stress such as reading a book or meditation will help you unwind and relax. Doing these over the weekend where your partner can look after the kids will help you energise for another gruelling week ahead.


8) Enrol Your Children In Some Hobby Classes:

Instead of asking neighbours to help out or letting them stay at their friend's, enrolling your child in hobby classes will keep them occupied. This will give you extra time for the other things and will also keep them away from harm.


9) Do Not Obsess Over Lost Things:

If you are not able to do a certain task, it is okay to let it go without feeling guilty. It is important to understand your limits and capabilities and not fret over small issues.


10) Wake Up Early:

It is important to get sufficient amounts of shut eye for you to function normally every morning. But how is it possible if you wake up early? The trick is to wind up your day as early as possible. Make sure the kids are tucked in bed at least by 9 every night and you by 10. This will let you wake up early and trust us when we say that early morning is the most productive time of the day.

We women are naturally equipped to deal with complicated stuff easily. But if you find things to be overwhelming, do not feel guilty to step back and take a break to unwind.

Also, it is common for working women to feel guilty of not giving enough time to things. Do remember that you are making the best of efforts. Do not let other's opinions matter to you at all. Feel empowered in everything that you do.

Happy International Women's Day to all the wonderfully amazing women out there!

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