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Importance Of Suvarna Prashan For Babies And Pregnant Mothers

"Prevention is better than cure".

This statement is very popular and we might have heard it time and again. But do we realise the true meaning of it?

Ancient Indian Culture is filled with knowledge that holds true even today. Although most of our day-to-day practices stem from the ancient texts that are left behind by our learned ancestors, the greatest gift we received from them is definitely the science of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is by far the most potent medicinal and healing system known to mankind. Its extensive use of ingredients and herbs found in nature is extremely potent in healing most of the human-related ailments and aches. But it also stresses on the importance of developing a strong immunity because it believes that protecting ourselves from the disease is the best way to stay healthy.

It is believed that pregnant women and newborn babies are most susceptible to catching infections because of their under-developed immunities.

According to Ayurveda, the best medicine to increase the immunity in babies and pregnant mothers is by consuming Suvarna Prashan.

What Is Suvarna Prashan?

Pure metals such as gold and silver are said to be very important in ayurveda, as they have amazing healing properties. They are known to be the most potent immunity boosters and are also known to improve the overall physical and mental health.

Suvarna Prashan is one of the sixteen traditions mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts to increase immunity in humans. It is the process where purified ash of gold is mixed with different herbs and consumed in a semi solid or liquid form. To make things easier, nowadays Suvarna Prashan is readily available in leading ayurvedic outlets in the form of easily consumable drops.

Importance Of Administering Suvarna Prashan To Pregnant Women And Babies:

Ayurveda describes the need to provide the right kind of nutrition to pregnant women and babies. Proper nourishment is important for the right physical and mental development. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to start consuming Suvarna Prashan from at least 5 months into the pregnancy. After birth, it needs to be administered to newborns up until the age of sixteen.

It is known that kids who consume Suvarna Prashan regularly are known to have stronger immunities, increased mental development and healthier old ages.

Here is a list of other important health benefits of Suvarna Prashan:

1) Boosts Immunity:

The ash of gold present in suvarna prashan, along with different herbs, helps build a stronger immunity in babies and kids. This makes them less susceptible to infections and illnesses.

2) Improves Digestion:

The herbs present in suvarna prashan are excellent in keeping the digestive system in a good form. It helps the stomach digest the food and also increases the ability to absorb essential nutrients. Babies are often prone to digestive problems such as colic. Consuming suvarna prashan helps them digest milk easily.

3) Nourishes The Skin:

Suvarna Prashan when consumed by pregnant mothers helps improve the texture of their skin. It also helps the skin detoxify itself by expelling unwanted toxins from the body. It also improves the blood circulation and imparts a glow.

4) Improves Hearing And Vision:

The natural herbs in suvarna prashan work by improving the baby's ability to hear and see. In fact, the sense organs are proven to be lesser prone to degeneration in the later stages of life if suvarna prashan is consumed regularly during infancy.

5) Helps To Keep The Babies Calm:

The calming effects of the herbs present in the Suvarna Prashan are known to reduce irritability in babies. It may be due to the fact that it keeps the digestive problems at bay, the common reason for irritability in babies, or it may also be due to overall well-being. Mothers who administer Suvarna Prashan in kids are reported to experience ease in handling babies, as they are healthy and contented most of the time.

6) Beneficial For Kids With Special Needs:

Disorders such as autism, learning difficulties or hyper activity are increasingly affecting kids in this century. A natural remedy such as suvarna prashan provides the perfect nutrition for growth in babies, thereby helping keep such disorders at bay.

7) Helps Achieve A Good Height And Weight:

A good height and weight is something that every parent yearns for their babies. Suvarna prashan helps babies and kids reach important developmental milestones, providing them with the perfect height and weight

The Right Way To Start Consumption Of Suvarna Prashan-

In order to attain the full benefits of Suvarna Prashan, pregnant women and babies are required to follow a set of guidelines for consuming this ayurvedic preparation.

- Favourably, the consumption of suvarna prashan should be started on the day of Pushya Nakshatra, an auspicious day which comes once in 27 days.

- The medicine should always be taken on an empty stomach early in the morning. For babies, it should be administered first thing after sun rise.

- Pregnant women are advised to start taking the medicine once they reach 5 months of their pregnancy.

- The medicine should be continued to be given to the newborn child after birth. It is however advised to consult an alternate medical practitioner on this regard.

Dosage Instructions:

- Infants to 5 years - 1 drop

- 5 to 10 years - 2 drops daily

- 10 to 16 years - 3 drops daily

- Pregnant women - 3 drops daily

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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