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Handling New Born Babies - Tips To Follow For New Moms

By Shabana

"Babies are like the Sun that bring magical warmth and Happiness which lights up our lives."

This amazing quote holds true at so many levels. Indeed babies are very special and are precious to moms. The joy of the new mothers is beyond compare when they first hold their bundle of joy in their arms. But after the initial wonderment, strikes the reality.


After birth, new born mums have a very daunting task ahead - to take care of the baby's every need and making sure the baby is properly fed, is completely clean and comfortable at all times. It is often a confusing time for all new mums and most of them have no idea how to go about being a mum.

If you have recently given birth to your cute bag of sunshine, and have just brought your baby home, you must be really anxious about the baby. Many new mums have numerous questions regarding their baby, be it cleaning them, feeding them, bathing them or putting them to sleep. They also fear handling their delicate baby for the fear of unknowingly hurting them. In such cases, you wish you had a guide to walk you through this difficult and confusing phase of Motherhood.

Though all babies are different, we in this article will try to give you certain tips to follow which will help you keep your baby happy. This guide will act as your ultimate saviour in new motherhood and help you glide into your "Just-Turned-Mum" role rather effortlessly.

Here are a few tips to handling new born babies like a pro-


1) Listen Carefully To Your Doctor-

As you leave the Hospital with your new born baby, it is important to ask your doctor for suggestions or tips to handle in case of a cranky baby. It is also important to note down a few tips to follow in case of emergencies like colic or refusing to feed, etc. This will come in handy when you are alone with the baby. Keeping a doctor's emergency number will also be of great help.


2) Understand That A Baby Has Very Limited Needs-

Most mums worry about the fact that they will not understand the needs of the baby. It is important to know that a baby has very limited needs. New born babies will usually cry out if they are hungry or sleepy. So, if you have recently fed the baby, try to put them to sleep. If that still doesn't help, try keeping the baby close to your chest while crooning and it will immediately soothe the baby as it will replicate the warmth of your womb.


3) Have A Helping Hand Around-

The duties and responsibilities of a new mother can be exhausting. It is always better to have a helping hand around at least for the initial days to help you with the baby. It may either be an experienced house help or even an elder of the family. The division of responsibilities will help you relax and you will also have some time for yourself.


4) Make A Feeding Schedule-

Initially, a new born has to be fed at regular intervals as they soon get tired of sucking. Feeding them at regular intervals will keep them from getting cranky. Also if you are breastfeeding your baby, ensure that the baby is latching onto you comfortably. Burping your baby is equally important after every meal as it will prevent the formation of gas later on.


5) Keep The Baby Comfortable At All Times-

All new born babies should be kept warm and comfortable as the baby misses the warmth of the mother's womb. The baby will be less irritable and also sleep on their own this way.


6) Never Try To Put The Baby To Sleep-

Babies will sleep if they want to. Trying to put them to sleep will only make them sleep for a short time. Instead, it is advisable to follow the baby's natural sleeping pattern. You may also take naps along with the baby which will charge you up and keep you refreshed. Do remember to always wrap your baby in a soft cloth before putting them to sleep.


7) Do Not Bathe Your Baby Often-

Though babies can be dirty sometimes and smell, it is better to stay away from frequently giving them a bath. First, it is not advisable to try your hand at bathing your baby if you do not have prior experience as you may put your baby at risk. Also, the delicate skin of the baby cannot withstand the harsh water and soap.


8) Keep Baby’s Essentials Handy-

You never know when you will require stuff and it may be very difficult to go grocery shopping with your baby. Therefore, it is essential you keep a stock of all baby's essentials handy to avoid trouble.


9) Restrict Your Baby’s Movements-

A new born baby's neck is not yet fully set. You are required to be extremely careful when picking up or putting the baby down. Also, once the baby gets used to being carried around, it will want you to do it all the time. It is better to keep your baby in a comfortable position and avoid moving the baby as much as possible.


10) Keep Hygiene Your Top Priority-

Do not take cleanliness lightly as the baby's immune system is not yet developed. Always make sure that the baby clothes are properly washed. All feeding bottles should be completely sterilized. Also, it may be wise to restrict guests to visit your new born baby for the fear of them carrying infections which may easily spread on to the baby.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 12:14 [IST]
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