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    Diet And Nutrition Requirements When Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding Tips: स्तनपान के दौरान न खाऐं ये चीजें, Things that effects Breast feeding | Boldsky

    For nursing or breastfeeding mothers, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is mandatory. Although, breastfeeding may involve hard work, it tremendously benefits the mother and baby both. If you are a breastfeeding mother, this article would take you through the various aspects of feeding breast milk to your baby.

    How Does Breast Milk Benefit The Baby?

    Being rich in antibodies, breast milk protects the baby from viruses and bacteria, any sort of infections or allergies, illnesses due to respiratory issues, diarrhea, and so on. The more the duration of breastfeeding, the more the benefits shall be.

    nutrition for lactating mothers

    Would Breastfeeding Benefit You Too?

    Of course it would! You can lose all the weight gained during pregnancy by breastfeeding your baby. The risks of postpartum depression and cancers related to breast and ovaries are reduced. It could delay periods in some cases, and could also restore the size of the uterus by reducing post delivery bleeding.

    The Best Diet For A Breastfeeding Mother

    If you are a healthy breastfeeding mother, your baby is bound to be healthy too! It is a good idea to be conscious about the kind of diet you consume that is devoid of any kind of toxins or side effects and may be advantageous to your baby.

    A balanced diet should be the utmost priority for the mother. From healthy carbohydrates to fruits and vegetables, along with protein as well as dairy! It is also imperative to add healthy fats to your diet, by consuming canola oil or olive oil on a regular basis.

    Here are some of the additions you could make to your diet:

    • Water - Have sufficient water throughout the day. It helps flush out toxins.
    • Protein, fat and carbohydrates - Include fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, cereals, whole grains, etc. in your diet.
    • Good fats - Olives, nuts, seeds, avocados, salmon, olive oil, canola oil, etc. are rich in good fats.
    • Fish - For good amount of omega-3 fats, DHA, EPA, it is vital to add fish to your diet. Adding fish such as tuna, etc. is good. However, you could avoid seafood with high mercury content such as swordfish, mackerel, etc.
    • Vitamins and minerals - Vitamins such as vitamin D and calcium are mandatory to be included in your regular diet.

    Few Suggestions To Ensure A Healthy Breastfeeding Practice

    Notice your hunger pangs: You might feel the hunger pangs at regular intervals. Instead of going for unhealthy snacks to curb them, opt for healthier options such as fruits, nuts, etc., without bothering about the calorie increase. It is important for you to feel energetic and to have a good metabolism.

    Introduce variety in your food: The taste of breast milk is known to be affected by the variety of foods eaten by the mother. It's a good idea to help your baby get all the essential nutrients in a variety of flavours.

    Pay attention to allergies: Notice if any of the foods or food combinations are causing any sort of allergies or irritations to your baby. You could keep a note in a food diary to be aware of which foods to incorporate and which ones to avoid.

    Stay away from alcohol: It's best to avoid alcohol completely. However, if you plan to have a drink, then make sure that you feed your baby in advance, or extract your breast milk and store it if your baby may require it later. This is because alcohol can take time to metabolize.

    Limit your caffeine intake: Try to avoid your caffeine intake, or reduce it to only 1-2 cups in a day. The more the caffeine intake, the more it could affect your baby's sleep patterns.

    Be patient if you don't generate enough breast milk: In case you experience challenges in generating breast milk, please be patient. If required, seek expert advice.

    Frequency of breastfeeding: Around 10-12 times in every 24 hours is good. Just make sure that you understand and feed when the baby demands by means of various signals such as putting its hand inside its mouth, rooting around, searching, etc.

    Practice to perfect the breastfeeding technique: Take it easy, if you are facing difficulties while feeding your baby on breast milk. It may take some time for a few mothers, considering the adjustments needed by them and their babies, but practice more and it will be worth the effort!

    Canola Oil Or Its Supplements For Breastfeeding Mothers

    As mentioned earlier, including canola oil in your diet can help promote the good fat in your baby consuming your breast milk. According to a UK-based research, the brown fat in canola oil helps stabilize the baby's blood sugar levels and produces heat and keeps the baby warmer.

    What Is Canola Oil?

    It is a vegetable oil which is prepared from canola plant and has low erucic acids. It is absolutely edible and has no side effects for an individual consuming it.

    What Does The Research On Effect Of Canola Oil On Breastfeeding Mothers Conclude?

    The research included feeding a bunch of pregnant sheep roughage along with three per cent of canola oil supplement. At least one of each sheep's offspring was euthanized when they were one-week old and an analysis was conducted on their fat tissues.

    Furthermore, the remaining offspring were reared in the normal way until they were 28 days old, and their fat was also analyzed after they were put down.

    The results were compared, and the conclusion showed the effect of heat produced due to fat by making certain modifications to the mother's diet by adding canola oil supplements. The same effects would be considered for humans too.

    What Makes Canola Oil A Brilliant Option For Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Mothers?

    In comparison to most cooking oils, canola oil has less omega-6 and more of omega-3 fatty acids to offer. It may be called the best cooking oil. The fatty acides in canola oil help promote the cell-activity in brown fat.

    Hence, in a nutshell, including canola oil or its supplements is a brilliant choice for breastfeeding mothers for the benefits that it provides.

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