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Changes In Periods After Delivery

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After childbirth, women may wait for the period and may get tensed up if it is delayed. Actually, it is normal to have irregular or delayed periods after delivery.

Childbirth and lactation cause several changes in the body and this could impact the periods first. Some women who see vaginal discharge in red, may mistake it to be the period. But that could actually be blood and mucous.

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Here are some facts about the reasons behind the changes in periods after childbirth.


Fact #1

After childbirth, one may experience certain changes in the monthly cycle. Unpredictable periods are common during that phase. In fact, the first period may come only after 6 or 7 weeks.

Till that time, it is common to wonder whether something is wrong with the cycles.


Fact #2

Apart from irregular periods, another common change that could occur is heavy bleeding. This may become a cause of concern, though it is normal in most of the new mothers. Consult a doctor to find relief.

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Fact #3

Also, if the monthly cycles or the duration of the periods are either too short or too long after childbirth, don't panic. Your doctor may assure you that it is normal after examining your overall health. Some women may even skip a cycle.


Fact #4

In some new mothers, painful periods may also occur. Other symptoms like nausea, swelling, mood swings, pain and dizziness could also occur.


Fact #5

In some women who breastfeed, periods may be delayed. But soon after the stage of breastfeeding, periods may get back to normal.


Fact #6

The main reason why periods get impacted after childbirth is due to hormonal changes and breastfeeding.

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Fact #7

Also, during the breastfeeding stage, a hormone known as prolactin is secreted and this may affect ovulation. That hormone also might affect periods for a short while.

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