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Is It Safe To Swim During The Breastfeeding Stage?

Swimming is a good exercise. But many moms wonder whether it is safe to swim during the breastfeeding phase. Some even give up swimming at least for a year or so.

Later on, they regret as fat starts accumulating due to lack of exercise. If you have any doubts about swimming during the breastfeeding stage, read on.

Why You Should Stay Away From Alcohol During Breastfeeding Stage

Firstly, remember this much; anything that isn't good for your baby isn't good for you in that stage.



Firstly, some women think that losing weight could affect the milk production. Actually, healthy diet and and good overall health is what is important for milk production. So, consult your doctor first and then go for swimming.



One issue with swimming is chlorine. Spending time in the pool that contains chlorinated water could dry up the nipples. It could also dehydrate your skin. Use a nipple cream but don't use it before or during the breastfeeding timings.



Spending a lot of time in cold water may deplete oxytocin levels in your body. Though swimming doesn't directly impact the breast milk flow, stress that is caused due to prolonged exposure to cold water can affect the milk flow. If you swim in warm water, the problem can be solved.



Some people think that swimming could alter the taste of the milk. No, it doesn't. But lactic acid build up may slightly change the taste. But any intense exercise including swimming could result in lactic acid build up. So, don't tire yourself in the pool.



If you still wish to swim, first finish the breastfeeding and the go. Once you are back, wash your nipples well and check whether they are dry. Also, don't forget to shower after the swim. Don't take up swimming without the consent of your doctor.

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