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Do Small Breasts Produce Less Milk?


Women with smaller breasts worry sometimes especially about the production of milk after childbirth.

Any mother would want to feed the baby with enough nutrients and as milk is the best way to nourish infants, the concern about milk production is natural.

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But does breast size dictate the milk production? No, say health experts. Here are some more facts that will eliminate all fears and squash myths surrounding the breast size.


Fact #1

As far as breast milk is concerned, size doesn't matter, say experts. If you are worrying that smaller breasts produce less milk, then you have been misled.


Fact #2

Breast size depends upon the size of fat tissue in that area. So, the size of it is not at all related to the quantity of milk you produce.

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Fact #3

Many hormonal changes that occur after pregnancy and childbirth result in stimulation of the mammary glands and start milk production.


Fact #4

After the milk production starts, the size of the breasts increases a bit. But milk production doesn't depend upon the size of the breasts.

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Fact #5

Another factor that affects the production is breastfeeding. If the baby consumes more milk, the production increases.


Fact #6

If the breast size doesn't increase either during pregnancy or delivery, it could be due to a condition known as IFT (insufficient glandular tissue). Women suffering from this condition may not be able to produce enough milk. A doctor can diagnose the condition.

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Fact #7

Other factors that could result in low milk supply are excessive use of birth control pills, breast surgery and habits like smoking.

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