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Benefits Of Scrambled Eggs And Veggies For Your Baby

By: Ajanta Sen
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We all know that eggs are an exceptional source of protein. The television is also dotted with various media campaigns that encourage egg consumption, especially for children.

Eggs are full of protein that provides the vital amino acids, which are necessary to build the tissues, skin and hormones in your body.

Eggs can easily be digested by kids as compared to the other protein-rich foods. Hence, the protein content in the egg also gets easily absorbed by their body.

Moreover, this protein is quite essential for the growth of the children.

Studies say that eggs can also be introduced to babies when they are around 8-12 months old.

Once you have introduced eggs to your baby (who is non-allergic to eggs), you can be rest assured that you are feeding your baby with one of the most nutritious foods.

According to the latest studies, the nutritional value of eggs gets even better when they are mixed with veggies.

The process is when you prepare scrambled eggs for your baby; add a combination of several boiled veggies (like broccoli, carrots or potatoes) into the raw mixture and then cook the eggs. This article highlights the top benefits of scrambled eggs along with veggies for your baby:


Good For Your Baby’s Eyes

Eggs are a wonderful source of Zeaxanthin and Lutein that are extremely necessary for your baby's eyes. Moreover, when you add veggies to the scrambled eggs, besides the benefits of eggs, your baby also receives the nutritional value of the veggies, which makes the egg consumption even more effective. This is one of the numerous benefits of giving scrambled eggs with veggies for your baby.


Helps In Brain Development

Eggs contain a healthy fraction of Choline that plays an important role in the brain development of your baby. One egg contains about 100 micrograms of Choline. This is one of the best benefits of providing scrambled eggs along with veggies for your baby.


Boosts Carotenoid Absorption

One of the most important benefits of scrambled eggs and veggies for a baby is that they enhance the carotenoid absorption. A better carotenoid absorption results in fewer diseases, a lower risk of heart disease and cancer, which eventually leads to a healthier life.


Provides Essential Vitamins To Your Baby

Eggs abound with Vitamin D helps to make your baby's bones more healthier. Vegetables contain Vitamins A, E, C and K. Moreover, the combination of eggs and veggies for your baby provides all the essential vitamins that are necessary for your baby's growth.


Offers Folic Acid

If your baby lacks folic acid, it can cause fatigue, anaemia and nerve damage related issues. The fusion of eggs and veggies for your baby can be quite beneficial in this regard, as eggs and veggies both are full of folic acid that is important for the neural health of your baby.


Provides Omega-3s

Eggs contain omega-3s that help in your baby's cognitive development. This is a healthy fat that also helps prevent arthritis and heart ailments when your baby grows up to be an adult.

Thus, after knowing the above benefits of providing scrambled eggs and veggies for a baby, you must incorporate this amazing combination into your baby's daily diet. Start this healthful combo of eggs and veggies for your baby, once he/she can have all kinds of solid foods and shows no allergic signs to any of these foods.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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