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Summer Tips For The New Born

By Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara

Tending for a new born baby is an emotional experience. Summer babies are healthier as they are less likely to catch cold and become sick. But summer has its own set of worries for the new mothers due to soaring heat. Follow few summer tips for new born this season & see the difference.

Whether it is indoors or outdoors the summers can be a little difficult to manage. Heat and humidity brings along with it lot of bacteria and virus too that need to be checked in order to avoid any unwanted ailment like chicken pox or measles. All mothers look for summer tips for new born to make their baby as comfortable as possible.

Baby Sleep Tips For New Mothers

The heat in the summers can be distressing as too many clothes could lead to heat stroke while too less might cause sunburn. Too much of sleep on stomach can lead to sudden infant death syndrome while too much on back might cause prickly heat rash.

It is always confusing to decide the ways to look after infants during summer as everything you do could turn out to be in access and would lead to a problem.

Here is a list of ways to look after infants during summer.


1. Well Ventilated Home

Open the doors and windows to maintain the ventilation in the house. The child is bound to feel warm in case of an overheated surrounding. Also, it is very important for him to breathe in fresh air rather than stagnant one from the closed surroundings. This is one of the most essential summer tips for the new born.


2. Cool Breezy Clothing

Tight clothing could make him feel uncomfortable and lead to heat stroke. He feels warm just as you do, hence, make him wear clean and hygienic cotton clothes that would not cause any harm to his skin. Making this as the second most important summer tips for new born.


3. Light Well Cooked Food

The food is likely to get spoilt more often in summers. Cook fresh whenever the new born needs a feed and avoid stale food. Summer tips for new born would be incomplete without the right foods for his growth. Smell the food for foul scent before feeding.


4. Hydration

Dehydration is one of the most common difficulties mother face in summers. Hence, the next summer tips for new born would be to keep them hydrated with sufficient amount of fluids.


5. Clean And Tidy

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene, as sweating could cause various skin infections like rashes, prickly heat etc. unhygienic surrounding could also be a breading ground for many diseases which you would not want near your child.


6. Take A Walk In Evening

Avoid over exposure of the child to the sun as it might burn his sensitive skin or dehydrate him. Resume all the outdoor activities after the weather has cooled down in the evening or early mornings.


7. Tending For The Sensitive Skin

His skin is super sensitive hence, be extremely careful of the products that you are using on them. Apply baby powder so that his skin does not feel itchy due to heat and sweat.


8. Sleep

Sleeping is very important for new born by checking the temperature of the room and the baby continuously, because most of the SIDS are reported in summers.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 21, 2015, 14:15 [IST]
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