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6 Reasons Why Some Parents May Fail To Understand Emotional Needs Of Their Kids

Children are quite inspired and influenced by what their parents do. A child who has seen his or her parents staying calm and confident is likely to grow into a self-confident person. On the other hand, a child whose parents are constantly fighting and yelling will no doubt acquire the same qualities. It is after all needless to say that parents behaviour can affect the personality of a child.

Therefore, parents are always concerned about giving the best upbringing to their children, no matter what. They leave no stone unturned in giving abundant love to their children and this is the reason why children are the apple of parents' eyes.

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But at times there are some parents who fail to give love to their children. In other words, parents are sometimes unable to understand the emotional needs of their children. Well, we have listed down a few reasons that can tell why parents fail to understand the emotional needs of their own kid(s).


1. The Unresolved Issues Of Past

If a person had a difficult past and is still not able to get over it then it could lead to a lack of love in that person. If a person has entered into parenthood while he or she is going through a trauma or if the person experiences trauma during parenthood then this can also be one of the reasons for the lack of love for children. The emotional pain can stop these parents from developing a love for their kids.


2. Uneasiness In Expressing Love Directly

Not everyone is comfortable in expressing love in a direct way. For example, a person may feel uneasiness in showing love to their growing child. Also, if the parent himself or herself had problems related to expressing feelings in childhood then there is a high chance that he or she may not be able to express love to his or her kids.


3. Developing Negative Emotions

A person who himself or herself isn't capable of loving self may not be able to love others. It goes beyond saying that if you yourself aren't capable of taking care of yourself or accepting yourself first then you might not be able to accept others.

Therefore, those parents who presume themselves to be incapable of loving themselves may not be able to give love to their children. Also, those parents who themselves were deprived of the love and affection while growing up, might not be able to give the same to their children.

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4. The Desire To Earn More Money

There are people who have the never-ending urge to earn more and more money. Greed always increases with time and understand that money cannot buy time or happiness. Even if they become parents and know that they have to spend quality time with their kids because of their greed, they won't be able to distance themselves from earning money.

They might prefer working for the entire day even if they know that their children need their physical presence in the home. They might not be able to spend sufficient time with their kids to establish a bond of love and affection.


5. Having Issues In The Married Life

Suppose if a couple who has been recently blessed with a child is going through marital issue, it can lead to stress and frustration among those parents. Even if they love their children, they won't be able to show the same. They might distance themselves from their children and hence, might not be able to fulfil the emotional needs of their children.


6. Neglecting Responsibilities

There can be parents who are not mature enough to understand the emotional needs of their children. They may feel that children are just like any other responsibilities which they have to fulfil. However, children are more than responsibility. Sometimes, these parents may feel that children on their own can take care of themselves and thus, there is nothing to worry about.

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Parenting undoubtedly is not an easy task. It has its own set of challenges and problems. But with patience, tolerance and fulfilling the necessary needs of your children, you can surely become an effective parent.

Story first published: Saturday, November 23, 2019, 13:55 [IST]