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Why Are Sons So Attached To Their Mothers?

By Archana Mukherji

A mother and son relationship is a beautiful bond. And those sons who have sisters, no doubt, envy their brothers for this relationship. There are stories which say that a mother should not keep her son too close, since this may hamper him from becoming a strong, bold and independent man. However, studies have proved that this is not true.

Mothers are always strong-hearted and a son's close relationship with his mother can only make him more strong and independent. Hence, it is scientifically proven that a mother-son relationship is for sure healthy and beneficial.

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It is very commonly noticed that there are some natural connections between children of the opposite gender and their parents. For instance, fathers seem to be very protective about their daughters. Similarly, mothers see their sons as potential gentleman and nurture them in the same manner.

Though this is good, it sometimes has ill effects too. Fathers sometimes tend to get jealous when the mother pays more attention to the son. Similarly, mothers feel that they are getting less attention when they see their daughters getting pretty and being loved by the father. That's human psychology; however, this is not permanent and it fades away as time passes by.

Poor Parenting Can Cause Behavioural Issues In Boys
Especially in boys, it is seen that poor parenting can cause behavioural problems in them. When boys do not get proper attention and love from their mothers, their attitude is seen to change. They are also aggressive sometimes. Studies have proven that insecurely attached boys are especially likely to kick others, disobey and are generally destructive.

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It is seen that boys who do not bond securely with their mothers in the infant years act much more hostile, destructive and aggressive in their later years of life. A close bond with their moms, when boys are young, can help to prevent delinquency when they get older.

Why Are Sons So Attached To Their Mothers?

Sons are seen to be more attached to their mothers because it is good for their mental health. They are emotionally open. They easily understand that they do not have to always act tough, go at it alone or fight to prove their manhood, every time they are challenged. A friendly relationship of a son and mother helps boys to easily make good friends, get rid of loneliness, depression and anxiety.

How A Mother-Son Bond Benefits A Boy

Boys who are close to their mothers turn out to be good at studies. They perform well at school. Mothers often nurture emotional intelligence in their sons, teaching them to recognize and express their own feelings and at the same time, to understand the feelings of others.

Such boys learn to have their own identity rather than imitate others. This attribute helps the boys to articulate better, which further helps them with their reading and writing skills. These boys are also found to have a better self-control in the classroom.

Some people have a wrong notion that a mother showering too much of love and care on her son can be dangerous. They think that such boys can be spoilt children. Always remember, it is not presence that spoils a child, it is presents that spoil a child. So, dear mothers, do not replace your "presence" with "presents" for your son.

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We have seen examples of many successful men who have been their "mama's boy". We have also encountered many close mother-son relationships, where the boys have been raised by mothers in the absence of men.

They are single mothers who have been successful in raising great gentlemen. Sons who have been close to their mothers always learn to respect women and surprisingly, they never tend to play with the lives of any woman.

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