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Tooth Decay In Children

By Asha Das

Tooth decay is a common problem among children. Reports suggest that around 28 percent of children, belonging to the age group of 2 to 5, have tooth decay or one cavity at least in that age group.

Once the first tooth pops out from the little gums, parent's worry on dental care of the kid. It is a misconception that dental care should start only when the child has more than four teeth.

It is recommended to maintain oral hygiene even in babies. You can clean their little teeth and tongue with a clean soft cloth. But, more often, the reason for tooth problems in children is low calcium.

This happens generally when the baby is not supplied with enough calcium. This is one of the reasons why breastfeeding mothers are asked to take calcium supplements.

Tooth decay in children must be avoided, as the treatment for the same is difficult, considering the age of the children. So, parents should make sure that their kids have healthy and clean teeth.

Tooth decay is said to be a disease where acids produced by the bacteria damage the enamel of the teeth. Slowly these damaged enamels form holes or cavities in the teeth. In this article, we will discuss on the causes, signs and prevention of tooth decay in children


Causes Of Tooth Decay In Children:

Food habits are one of the major causes of cavities in children. Nowadays, children consume more sugary and acidic foods that severely affect the teeth. You can't stop a child from eating all these, but try to maintain proper oral care after eating these. Sugary beverages can also cause tooth decay. Even medical conditions like allergies can cause tooth decay.


Signs Or Symptoms:

Yes, as a parent you must know the signs or symptoms of tooth decay in your child. Each child may show different signs. Some may have bad breath while some others may have problems in eating or chewing. In some others, there will be some colour change in the teeth. If you find any of these symptoms, it is better to consult a dentist.



Now the question is, how to prevent tooth decay in children. There are two pivotal ways to prevent cavities in children. The first one is maintaining a good oral hygiene. Make sure that your child brushes twice a day. Second one is change in diet. If there is a sign of tooth decay, it is better to brush the teeth after each meal. Educate your kid about the importance of dental care.



Dentists will suggest some treatments for tooth decay in children. They are fluoride treatment, fillings, root canal, crown or caps. All these treatments are done with good care; and it is better to do it in 2 or 3 sittings. It will be difficult to keep your kid sitting through the treatment. Thus, we always say, prevention is better than cure.


Natural Remedies:

Of course, if your child is having cavities or tooth decay, consult a dentist. But, at the same time, you can try some natural remedies. Salt water rinsing, turmeric, cloves, garlic and cinnamon oil are some of the common home remedies to prevent tooth decay in children. This will be easy and comfortable for children, without letting them face any side effects.

Teeth reflect the quality of smile! So, give importance to dental care in children.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 18:25 [IST]
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