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Things You Must Never Say To Parents With An Autistic Child!

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Many of us may already be familiar with the disorder known as autism, right? Well, if we have knowledge about its symptoms, then we can only imagine how hard it must be for the parents or caretakers of children affected with this disorder.

Autism can be described as a developmental disorder that seriously hampers a child's ability to learn, interact and communicate.

Autism, now termed as autism spectrum disorder affects the brain and nervous system, affecting the cognitive, social and emotional health of an individual.

This complex brain disorder is caused by certain mutations in the genes, during the birth of a child and this disorder can only be treated and cannot be cured.

Some of the main symptoms of autism are inappropriate social behaviour, compulsive behaviour, aggression, learning disability, poor co-ordination skills, apathy, speech disorder, anxiety, etc.

So, the parents with an autistic child would be going through an extremely difficult time trying to cope.
Here are a few things you must never say to the parents of an autistic child.

1. "He'll Grow Out Of It"

Kids With Autistic Parents Tips

Autism is not just a phase or mood swings, it is a serious disorder which cannot be cured. So, saying that the child will grow out of it, will make the parents feel worse!

2. "Make Him Do It!"

Children with autism often cannot comply and do not do things that they are asked of, and parents just cannot force them to do some things, because this would make the child go into an aggression fit!

Kids With Autistic Parents Tips

3. "He Needs To Be Disciplined"

This is a very harsh thing to say to parents of an autistic child, because, punishing or trying to discipline an autistic child will not work, as their cognitive function is impaired!

4. "He Looks Normal To Me"

Kids With Autistic Parents Tips

This statement can be extremely touchy to many parents of kids with special needs, as it kind of implies that their child is not actually normal, but he looks normal and also it makes the parents feel like you might be underestimating the seriousness of the condition!

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Story first published: Monday, March 13, 2017, 16:01 [IST]
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