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    Simple Home Remedies To Stop Bedwetting In Kids

    By Sharon Thomas
    Bed wetting | Home remedies | बच्चे कर देते हैं बिस्तर गीला तो करें ये उपाय | Boldsky

    Parents get to deal with so many health issues of their children during their lifetime and bedwetting is one among them. It is called 'Nocturnal enuresis' in the medical field. It is nothing but the passing of urine when in deep sleep, in the unconscious state.

    It is a common scenario among toddlers and kids. This need not be a matter of concern as long as the child is below 7 years of age. If the condition persists even after seven years, it must be addressed immediately.

    Bedwetting is a common scenario among toddlers and kids

    Parents are always ready to wash the wet sheets every morning when in the comfort of the home; but the way to handle this situation when outside the home is a great question mark. This can actually take a toll on the mental health of the child and parent, especially when the social circle gets to know about it.

    This might even make it hard to move with people in the society freely, mainly during times of a community vacation or so. However, with the help of some simple home remedies, bedwetting can be solved very effectively. Read on.


    The most common reason for bedwetting is a small bladder in children. Other reasons include sleep apnoea, infection in the urinary tract, diabetes, delay in maturation to control the bladder, excessive production of urine, and hormonal imbalance.


    Sudden urge to urinate is a common symptom among bedwetters. Other signs are constipation, increase in thirst, pain while passing urine, and even a rash in the genital area.

    Home Remedies To Take Care Of Bedwetting In Children


    Walnut And Raisins

    Walnuts and raisins make a healthy snack and if your kids like it, then don't give it a second thought. Let them have it daily before bedtime. This must be had in combination and not separately at different timings. Continue to give this to your child until significant results are seen.



    This is one of the easiest remedies for bedwetting in children, as there are hardly any children who dislike honey. Being a natural sweetener, it does not cause harm to the body and can be had every day. Honey is hygroscopic in nature, meaning it absorbs and holds back moisture and liquid effectively. So, honey works by holding back the urine even when the bladder is full all through the night. One tablespoon can be given to teens and one teaspoon for younger children.



    The low temperature in the body can lead to bedwetting in some cases. Consuming jaggery on a regular basis for two months will increase the body heat considerably and thus help to deal with bedwetting. It can be had as such or with a glass of milk. However, this must be given to children in moderation, as too much of jaggery can cause issues too.



    Cinnamon is a wonder herb of the Indian kitchen. It has the antioxidant properties to tackle various issues in the body, including bedwetting too. Cinnamon works best if the cause of bedwetting is a bacterial infection or diabetes. Ask your child to chew on a piece of cinnamon every day. If he doesn't like it that way, add powdered cinnamon to breakfast, smoothies, and desserts.


    Indian Gooseberry

    Indian Gooseberry is also known as ‘amla'. This is the best herbal or Ayurvedic remedy for bedwetting. Many children might not like amla for the bitter taste it has, but there is a way to make them have it. Deseed the amla and crush it using a mortar and pestle. Add a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric to it. The pulp of gooseberry with a pinch of black pepper powder can also be given.


    Cranberry Juice

    The juice of cranberry is known to cure the bedwetting issue. A glass of the juice must be had before bedtime and one must make sure to consume only fresh cranberry juice and not the packaged ones. Half a cup of the juice can be given to your child, three times in a day, without any fear if the cause of bedwetting is found to be a urinary tract infection.


    Fennel Seeds

    Fennel seed too has the capability to help deal with the bedwetting issues. One teaspoon of the seeds must be added to a glass of warm milk and drunk. This must be followed by a tablespoon of sugar syrup, preferably honey. This can be had every day before bedtime.



    This tasty fruit liked by all has a number of health benefits. Apart from treating digestion problems for which it is consumed by most, bedwetting can also be solved with it. Allow your child to have 2-3 ripe bananas every day. It acts by controlling the urge to urinate frequently.


    Bladder Exercises

    Exercises to the bladder might be helpful for many children with bedwetting problems. This leads to better bladder control and expansion. One exercise is to hold the urine for 10-20 minutes when the urge to pee arises. Another way is to use a "drink more water" method to expand the bladder. A kegel exercise by holding and squeezing a small ball just above the knees will also help strengthen the pelvic muscles.



    Bedwetting happens as a result of involuntary flexing of the pelvic muscles. A good night's massage with olive oil can make a difference to this. Warm some of the oil just to the touch, rub between your palms and over the child's lower abdomen. Massage for a few minutes and let go. Olive oil strengthens the urinary tract muscles and improves bladder control.

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    Story first published: Thursday, December 28, 2017, 12:15 [IST]
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