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Lifestyle-induced Childhood Conditions To Be Aware Of

By Subodini Menon

The children of today live in a world that we could not even imagine when we were children ourselves. The generations of kids that are being born today are ushered into a world of luxuries and comforts. These commodities, gadgets and the advancements in technology and lifestyle did not exist a couple of decades ago. It is a wonderful world now and it is a great time to be alive.

But there is a flip side to all these advancements and luxuries. With the absence of the comforts in the days of the past, many of the diseases and conditions seen today were absent too. Our life has become very sedentary today and with this, the generation of today has developed its own set of lifestyle-related problems and conditions.

As parents, it is our duty to be aware of the conditions that our new lifestyles may affect our children. Today, we have compiled a list of conditions that are caused due to the unhealthy lifestyle habits of the modern times. Read on to learn more about these conditions and what to do to prevent them.


Obesity is the most visible result of our wrong lifestyle practice. The rate of childhood obesity has gone up drastically not only in our country, but also all over the world. It is alarming to see that it is not just in the developed world that we see this terrifying statistics. Even the low-income countries and the middle-income countries are affected by the steep rise in the childhood obesity rates.

If the case of India is taken, we see that the rate of the obese kids is higher in the urban areas than in the rural areas.

As parents, we need to make sure that our kids do not become a part of this statistics. Make sure that your kids get enough exercise and that they eat right.

Type 2 Diabetes

It is impossible to accept the fact that the children of modern India are falling prey to type 2 diabetes. Once upon a time, type 2 diabetes was a disease of the middle-aged people only. But the situation of today is that the disease is seen even in children as young as 8 or 9 years of age. Being obese makes the children more likely to get diabetes. Other factors that trigger the disease are low birth weight, mother who had gestational diabetes and puberty.

Again, the precaution is to keep away from sedentary lifestyle. Prevent obesity and take precautions against diabetes.

Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Iron deficiency and anaemia as a result was usually seen in the poor and people who were below the poverty line. This was because they were unable to afford good food that provided an ample amount of iron. But today, even the affluent are reported with iron deficiency and anaemia. This is due to the fast food culture that we have today. The children fill up on junk food and avoid the natural foods that are nutritious and healthy.

To avoid iron deficiency and anaemia, make sure that your child eats plenty of vegetables and fruits. Junk food must be avoided as far as possible and try to restrict them to special occasions.

Problems With Eyesight

Children of this generation are dependent on the various gadgets and electronic devices for their entertainment. Gone are the days when children would head to the playground or the nearest park to run around and play. Today, we see children glued to various screens, be it the television, laptop, video games or cell phones. All this strain on the eyes causes damage to it and leads to the need of glasses and surgical procedure of the eye.

To prevent any damage to your child's eyes, encourage him or her to explore the natural world. Though it is not really possible to completely avoid the use of electronic devices and gadgets, it would be wise to restrict their usage.

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