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What Is The Right Age To Include Eggs In A Baby's Diet?

By: Ajanta Sen

Food is a basic necessity for all living beings, and that is why collecting food or cooking it has been a very important activity for us.

As far as the human beings are concerned, they are the wisest inhabitants of this blue planet, so they have a natural instinct to cook their food in their own preferred ways.

It is good to mention that all food products are very useful and they have a very distinguished set of utilities for the humans.

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As far as the animal products are concerned, eggs are a very important part of the human diet.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that eggs are the most preferred food items that people from all over the world love to eat.

Right age to start eggs for children

Though the process of preparing their favourite dishes may be different, people love including eggs in the daily diet.

In the opinion of paediatric doctors, eggs are full of utilities for little kids, provided their body can accept the utilities in the right ways.

It is mainly because of the fact that eggs often carry some allergic agents that often cause troubles for the babies.

Right age to start eggs for children

When can you start feeding eggs for infants?
This has been a very important question that all parents want to know the answer for. This is a valid question, as no parent ever wants to see the child being weak and appear malnourished.

The question of the right age to start eggs for children remains a valid question to answer. The following discussion can be useful for you, if you are also eager to find a reliable answer to it.

White Portion Of The Egg Carries Allergens
As a matter of fact, the white portion of the egg is responsible for causing some serious allergies. It carries 4 different allergens that may cause serious troubles for the infants.

These allergens are ovomucoid, lysozyme, ovotransfferin and ovalbumin. The last one is the strongest allergen that is often responsible for various types of allergies in infants and kids.

Right age to start eggs for children

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Egg Yolk Is Considerably Safe To Be Given For Infants
On the other hand, the yolk (yellow part) is believed to be the safest portion of the egg that does not cause any allergies or other troubles to the kids.

The paediatric doctors agree to the fact that the yolk also has a few proteins, but they seldom cause any allergies. The chances of finding victims affected by the yolk proteins are very rare.

Since egg yolk is the safer part, doctors and dieticians recommend to provide it to the infants from an early stage.

Some of the doctors even agree to the fact that babies can get the yolk as their first food, apart from the mother’s milk. This, in fact, bears some great advantages to the infants as well.

Right age to start eggs for children

8 Months And More – The Ideal Age To Start Giving Eggs To Infants
In the opinion of the experts and experienced doctors, babies develop the capacity of fighting the allergens in the egg white at different stages of their life.

You can start feeding the white of the egg or the whole egg after eight months of your child’s birth.

Though there are some differences of opinions on this age too, majority of the doctors and dieticians agree to this age, when your young one develops a capacity to fight the allergens in the egg white.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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