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7 Ways Parents Can Help Kids To Beat The Exam Stress


Usually, during the months of March and April the streets will be bare, you will not hear the sound of a giggle or the rumbling of a bicycle. Neither will you hear the shouts nor the screams of joy on a playground.

Yes, these two months are the most crucial for every child and parent too. Exams have begun and the levels of stress are soaring high.

Experts advice children not to allow themselves to be pressurised into scoring a high percentage. Simply studying what is needed and achieving a good goal is sufficient enough to be what you want to be in life.

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Experts also advice parents not to push their children into studying for long hours, as it could affect them physically as well as psychologically.

Today, Boldsky has listed a few things that every parent needs to do to help their child get good grades. Understand your child's needs first before your own to help your child achieve and aim for the stars.

So, if your little one is preparing for his or her exams, you need to take a look at these 7 ways on how you can help your child beat the exam stress and blues.


Providing A Calm Environment:

Don't make your home into an curfew zone. Allow your child to study in a calm environment, as it will help him or her to concentrate better in the studies.


Sparing Them Some Break Time:

Since there is a lot of pressure into studying, don't allow your child to be in his/her study room 24/7. Set a break time for your kid and make sure you help the child de-stress while taking a break. A small walk in the park or a little bit of entertainment will do.


Adding Colourful Foods To Their Plate:

Lay off the junk foods and introduce a well-balanced and nutritious exam diet. Include foods that will aid in better concentration and improve on the memory power of the child.


Keeping A Positive Mind:

When a parent has positive thinking, the child will naturally imbibe the quality. Therefore, dear parents, if you are sitting with your child and helping out with the studies, make sure you pass on a lot of positive thoughts to your child.


Not Forcing The Child For 'Very' High Ranks:

It is important to understand the academic potential of your child. Forcing your child to get the required marks, you think is right, is not at all acceptable. Forcing your child to score above his/her potential will only destroy his/her confidence level.


By Being A Friend:

Kids need a friend more than they need a parent, when it comes to facing examinations. If you put your shoes in your little one's place, you will truly understand his/her capacity and approach towards the exam stress.


Exercise With Your Kids:

Running, jogging, cycling, etc, are some of the healthy exercises that you can do with your kid to help him/her beat the exam stress.

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