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10 Signs Your Kid Has Vision Problems


These days, kids watch too much of television, how many of you parents agree to that? They hesitate to step outdoors and make a fuss when you tell them that their television time is done for the day.

If we, as parents, fail to look into our child's health, we will never get to know what they are suffering from. It is the duty of every parent to get their child's eyes, ears and a whole examination done at least once in a month.

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The eyes are the most important sense, and most children fail to tell their parents about the constant headaches or the twitching in the eye, or even if they have a problem in their eye.

Share a bond with your little one, so that he/she can come to you anytime and explain to you his/her problems.

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But, as a parent, here are some of the signs to look out for if you think that your kid is having vision problems. Keep a note of these signs and get your toddler's eyes checked immediately:


Rubbing Eyes:

Rubbing the eyes when sleepy is a normal thing. But, constantly rubbing the eyes is something that you should not ignore.



There are different types of headaches, but if your child develops a headache at the end of the day, it is necessary to get his/her eyes checked.


Shutting One Eye:

If you notice your child shutting one eye and watching television, it is a concern, as this could be a vision problem. Get it checked immediately.


Aversion Towards Bright Light:

If your child shuts his/her eyes when stepping into bright light and refrains to open them, get his/her eyes tested. Also, enquire if he/she sees spots when moving from bright light to a less brighter place.



Squinting of the eyes is a trick that every little kid loves to get cheeky with. If your child does it continuously when not playing the fool, it is necessary to seek help from an ophthalmologist.


Watch The Head Posture:

Is your little one tilting his/her head to the side every time he/she sets his/her eyes on something? Well, if this is a habit due to his/her eyes, it needs to be checked.


Gazing Too Closely:

Notice your child's concentration on something he/she is looking at. If he/she is seen looking at it at a very close range, his/her vision could be a problem.


Eye Ball Movements:

You might be a little too busy to notice this. But, while speaking to your toddler, see if his/her eye balls are moving at an irregular speed. This is a sign of an eye disease. So, make sure you get it checked immediately.


Red Eyes:

Red eyes near the eyes or in the eyes should be a worry. This is a sign of conjunctivitis or an eye disease. It could also mean that your kid needs a pair of glasses.


Pain In The Eyes:

If your little one is complaining of pain in the eyes, along with a blurry kind of a feeling, it is necessary and important that you get his or her eyes checked immediately.

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Story first published: Friday, March 25, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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