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Taking Care Of Babies In Monsoon Season

Posted By: Staff

We all wait for the monsoons to get relief from the scorching summer heat. The first spell of rains brings smiles and joy to everyone's face.

But along with the soothing showers come a host of other problems, especially if you have a baby at home. Monsoon is the time to be very careful and take extra care of babies.

A small mistake can lead to illnesses. Since babies have a sensitive and weak immune system, they tend to get affected too early. They contract bacterial or viral infections easily.

So, how to take care of babies during the monsoon season? This must be a question ringing in your head often.

Taking care here does not mean that you only have to do things to the baby to take care. Tips to take care of babies in monsoon go beyond that. It calls for a little caution, a little awareness and a little extra effort.

So, here are some points that can help you know the factors you have to keep in mind while taking care of babies in the monsoon season, do have a look and spread the word.

tips to take care of babies in monsoon season

• Clothing: What about clothing? During monsoons, you experience a fluctuation in the temperatures. When it rains, the mercury drops and you start feeling cool and pleasant. When the sun comes out, the weather becomes hot and humid.

Such fluctuations are naturally felt by babies too. But these fluctuations are not always good for a baby whose immune system is yet to develop. This sudden change in temperatures can result in colds, coughs and fever and further attack the immune system.

So, it is important to take notice of the changing temperatures and dress the baby accordingly.

tips to take care of babies in monsoon season

• Food: For babies relying only on breastfeeding, there will not be any complication here; but for babies who have been weaned, care is required. As far as possible give the baby only homemade food. This does not only fall in the tips to take care of babies in monsoon, but otherwise too.

The important thing is that during monsoon there are greater chances of the food getting contaminated than other seasons. Always keep the food covered, as the fly population suddenly increases in this season. Never store any leftover food.

tips to take care of babies in monsoon season

• Fruits: When discussing how to take care of babies during the monsoon, fruits cannot be missed. This is because they are eaten raw. Fruits are good for health and the same goes for babies too.

However, in the wet, disease-prone season of the monsoon, this can prove to be quite the opposite. Clean all the fruits well before feeding the baby. As far as possible, peel the fruit.

And most importantly, give the baby some season fruits. Every season has its own set of fruits and they are there for a reason. They help the body cope with the rough side of the season.

tips to take care of babies in monsoon season

• Water: Even if your baby has started taking plain water, be a little extra cautious in the monsoons. Give the baby only boiled water to drink. Another good tip would be to add carom seeds (ajwain) to the boiling water.

This will help maintain a healthy stomach and digestive system too. Do not store water for the baby in a feeding bottle. After the baby has had water, discard the remaining in the glass or sipper and clean the container. Used utensils attract more flies.

tips to take care of babies in monsoon season

• Cleanliness: No matter what the season is, cleanliness is always required; but the concern grows a little more during the monsoon season. The atmosphere in monsoon is loaded with disease-carrying bodies. Place a door mat and do not allow shoes in the house.

Mop the house with a disinfectant solution. Wipe all furniture with disinfectants to discourage germ buildup. Wash clothes regularly, as used clothes tend to catch moisture and mold. Treat the baby's clothes with a disinfectant and regularly wash all toys.

Change the bed spreads at least once in a week and wash the baby's towel twice in a week. Allow towels to thoroughly dry between uses.

Babies are bundles of joys and and to keep these bundles bursting with health and happiness, we must be aware of how to take care of babies during the monsoon season.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 13, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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