Important Signs Of Childhood Depression Parents Must Know!

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Have you noticed that your child seems to be sad and withdrawn often? If yes, then may be he/she is showing certain signs of childhood depression that must not be ignored!

Many a times, parents will not be able to differentiate between general sadness or tantrums of their child and childhood depression, as some of the symptoms can be quite similar.

Due to this reason, childhood depression in some children may go untreated, leading to various other mental health complications, which may affect their lives later on!

So, it is very important to be able to watch out for the subtle signs of childhood depression, so that you can give the help that your child needs!

Now, you may be wondering what could be the difference between adult depression and childhood depression, right?

Well, when a child is going through depression, he/she may not be able to understand what is happening to him/her, causing more trauma, unlike adults who could have a fair idea about the depression.

So, here are a few signs of childhood depression that every parent must know, have a look!

1. Bad Grades

signs of childhood depression

A sign of childhood depression is your child getting low marks at school all of a sudden, as depression can make a child lose focus, concentration and memory skills.

2. Constant Fatigue

signs of childhood depression

If your usually active child shows signs of extreme fatigue all of a sudden, even after getting proper rest, it could be a symptom of childhood depression.

3. Worthlessness

signs of childhood depression

If you child often says "nobody likes me" and things similar to that, it could signify a sense of worthlessness, which is a sign of childhood depression.

4. Withdrawal

signs of childhood depression

If your child suddenly stops going out to play with his/her friends or doesn't like to interact with people, it could be another sign of childhood depression.

5. Lack Of Interest

signs of childhood depression

When asked to join in for a fun family outing, if your child refuses and just wants to stay in the room all day, may be he/she is suffering from childhood depression.

6. Aggression

signs of childhood depression

If your child exhibits an aggressive behaviour and anger, which is out of character for him/her, it could be another sign of childhood depression.

7. Indifference

signs of childhood depression

Children with depression tend to be indifferent towards happy incidents or signs of affection shown by the parents.

8. Lack Of Appetite

signs of childhood depression

Lack of appetite, which can be quite sudden, can be yet another symptom of childhood depression, and it can be hard to tell as well, as many children are cranky about having proper food.

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