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7 Important Things Every Mother Should Teach Her Son, Before Age 18!

Many people are under the opinion that, as they grow up, sons become closer to their fathers and daughters relate to their mothers more.

However, contrary to that belief, mothers and sons share a special bond and although sons may look up to their fathers, they tend to listen to their mothers' words more.


A mother, who nurtures the children, is a person who is most cherished by them.

Raising daughters and raising sons are slightly different, as the thought processes, interests and behaviour patterns of boys are different from that of the girls.

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Most boys, right from the age of 5, tend to be extremely naughty and over-active, so mothers of boys need to equip themselves with a whole new set of parenting skills.

There are many things that need to be taught to the growing boys, especially in this day and age, where gender roles are no longer stereotyped and people are moving beyond them.

So, as a mother here are a few important things you can teach your son, before he turns 18, take a look.


1. The Kitchen Is Not Just For The Girls

Every mother should teach her son about the importance of gender equality and also try to break certain stereotypes that make boys feel that cooking and household chores are only for the girls.


2. Basic Cooking Skills

Right from the time your boy turns about 12, you can start teaching him basic cooking skills. Cooking is a life skill that every person needs to know.


3. Refraining From Physical Violence

A mother should let her son know that resorting to physical violence, in any situation, is absolutely wrong.


4. Respecting Women

It is important for the mothers to teach their sons how to be respectful towards women and to look at them as equals.


5. It Is Okay To Be Emotional

Many parents tend to chide their sons when they exhibit emotions or cry, this can lead to certain psychological disorders later on in life. Let your son know that it is okay to cry or be emotional when he feels the need to vent it out.


6. The Importance Of Kindness

Many a times, boys are expected to be aggressive and "macho", contrary to that stereotype, mothers should let their sons know how important it is to be kind and empathetic towards others.


7. Basic Life Skills

Along with cooking, mothers can also teach their sons other life skills such as how to work with tools, household chores, first-aid, etc.

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