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Reasons Why Single Mums Make The Best Parent

Bringing up a child alone is like a voyage; and it can at times be a restive sea filled with strong winds and rough waves, yet on the plus side, there is the possibility of bright tranquility existing even in tough circumstances.

Child-rearing is indeed tricky under any given circumstance. Living and adjusting under one roof with a partner can be challenging, but imagine doing it alone without a lending hand, which is all the more difficult and it is never going to get easier.

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Moreover, the difficulty will rise to a whole new level as each day passes by. Being a single mom can be hard and demanding without spousal backup; nevertheless, it does have great rewards.

Single moms know how to manage some of the special challenges and successfully raise their children by themselves.

Single parents manage to create a happy and healthy environment for their kids. They raise the children just as happy as the kids brought up by two biological parents.

Usually, the kids are better behaved, goal-oriented and do flourish well in their life, when single mums raise them and there are plenty of examples to prove it. So, let's find out how single mums make the best parent, here.

Make Children More Organised

Single mum's indeed face a lot of challenges when it comes to disciplining the children. They take on the responsibility to see that their child follows a consistent routine.

Single mums try to maintain a daily routine for the child such as scheduled meals, chores and bedtime. A predictable routine can give the child a sense of security as well as help him/her to be more organised.

Single mums know that kids need more sleep and hence they don't allow them to stay up late.

Schedule Some Free Time For Kids
Single mums make the best parent no matter how stressful their life turns out to be.

A single mother manages to devote her time on a regular basis, when it comes to relaxing and having fun with her kids. Single mums are never distracted or tired to be emotionally supportive whenever their kids need them.

A single mother tries to tune out other distractions, so as to schedule a play time with her kids, whether it’s playing a game or taking a walk at the beach.

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Never Spoils The Child
To get a handle on finances can be the hardest aspects of parenting alone. As a single mum, she is juggling work and might have a difficult time financially; yet she never spoils the child by making up for being a single parent.

One of the reasons why single mums make the best parent is that they work to get back on their feet, so that the kids don't feel bitter, frustrated or stressed out.

Stays Positive
Even with too much of responsibilities and demands of single parenthood, single mums make the best parent and never become overwhelmed.

In spite of experiencing the pain of divorce or death of the husband, still single mums never lose their marbles, as they know it can never be healthy for the child. A single mother manages to maintain a positive attitude, since her children can get affected by her moods.

Manages To Maintain Relationship With Ex
The best attitude of single mums is that they work at being civil with their ex, even after a separation or divorce, as constant conflicts can have a negative impact on the children, which does make the child aloof and frustrated.

As a mother, she knows that her kids would want to have a good feeling towards both parents, so that they can get on with their lives, rather than getting caught in the conflict.

This is why single mums make the best parent, as they thrive to put their energy towards maintaining a good relationship with their ex, rather than criticising and contributing to the conflict.

Story first published: Monday, June 6, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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