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Reasons Why Kids Refuse To Eat

By Sneha A

So many of the parents are often seen worrying about the reasons why their kids refuse to eat properly.

It is so very frustrating for them to have to constantly put up with the no-no’s of their children, when it comes to having food. Each kid some time or the other chooses not to eat, but such occasional refusals are normal.

However, there are certain children who would just reject anything you cook and then trying to feed them something nutritious becomes an enormous task.

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There are a number of reasons why some kids never want to eat, making the meal times super frustrating for parents to deal with.

The reasons can be medical or simply behavioral; but it is essential to reach to the root cause so as to completely eradicate the problem.

A number of factors have been found contributing that eventually lead to the condition to further evolve with the passage of time.

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Not eating of the kids is definitely just a common problem, but it should not be taken in a casual manner.

It can lead to kids suffering from some serious health issues and nutritional deficiencies in the future. Here, in this article, we have a few of the general reasons why kids refuse to eat, do have a look.


1. Picky Eaters:

Some kids in general are picky eaters. The reason why they often say no to food can be because of a sensory disapproval. For example, disliking the smell, taste, appearance or how it feels in their hands or mouth, etc. This kind of sensitivity towards food limits their intake, leading to a poor eating habit.


2. Too Much Snacking:

Children who tend to snack too much get their bellies full, and thus eat poorly at meal times. This snacking between the meals is a common reason seen in kids for not eating.


3. Overly Pressurised:

When parents put too much pressure on kids for eating the last bite, it has been noticed that such kids generate a tendency of saying no to food all the time.


4. Distractions:

Kids today have a number of things to occupy their minds, often leading them to neglect meals. TV, cell phones, play stations, etc, can keep them too busy to focus on the dining table.


5. Medical Reasons:

Because kids so often throw tantrums in eating their food, parents too are not even able to think that the cause can be some medical issue. Problems like reflux, constipation, etc, can occur in children as well.


6. Fatigue:

Some kids by the end of a long tiring day can be too fatigued to even eat their meals. Most kids who have a busy day tend to want to skip on the evening meal.


7. Eating Disorders:

Growing children or teens can develop certain eating disorders in the desire to lose weight or getting the desired body shape. Their dissatisfaction with their body structure causes them to begin dieting and cutting back on a number of variety of foods.


8. Food Jagging:

Well, kids tend to get hooked to the dishes they love the most, ignoring the other foods that provide them with the essential nutrients which their body requires. This habit of theirs may appear to the parents as a refusal to eat food, while they are just demanding for the food they are fond of.

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