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Parenting Advice For Fathers Below The Age Of 30

By Nikita D Nain

Chances are that you have gotten married at an early age. A couple of years later, you are expecting a new addition to your family.

You are excited but nervous, as you do not have experience in raising a child. You might be worried that you cannot afford to make a mistake at any given point of time.

You might be concerned about the amount it takes to raise a newborn child. You might also be worried that parenting may not give you enough time to do things you love.

Here is some news for you! All parents make mistakes while raising a child, some make blunders, while some make forgivable mistakes. But, all parents do make Mistakes!

Parenting is a long process that helps parents evolve as human beings and care givers. The trick is to start differentiating which mistakes can cause colossal damage to your child and stay away from these mistakes.

The fact that you are here, reading this article, shows your willingness to learn, so good job, you are on the right track.

Continue reading, as listed below are 3 effective tips that will make parenting a newborn child a lot less stressful for both you and your bundle of joy.

Choose A Mentor Carefully: Your father, grandfather, uncle or brothers probably have more experience than you on this subject. Turning to them for guidance is only natural. While choosing who you want to guide you, think of your child's future and not your convenience. Choose a mentor who has a happy and healthy child.

Look for tell-tale signs of a good mentor. Does your potential mentor smoke or drink in close proximity of his child? Does he scream at his spouse in front of this child? Does he put his child's well-being ahead of his own happiness?

Asking yourself these questions will help you understand who to choose as your parenting role model.

Make Enough Time For Yourself: Yes, all parents should put thier child's needs ahead of their own. However, if the parent is always exhausted, he will eventually snap, which will be terrible for the child.

Ensure that you get enough sleep, you eat a nutritious diet and you take at least two hours every week to do things that you love. Don't forget who you are, instead improve yourself while keeping yourself healthy and sane, so that your child can see you as a role model.

Plan Your Expenses And Keep A Provision For Emergencies: Parenting is expensive and you have guessed that already! However, being a dad is a very rewarding and life-changing experience, when it is done right.

Plan your finances for the next 7 days, weeks and years beforehand. Keep a monthly budget with a provisional amount for emergencies. The emergency money should be safely tucked away, so that you are not tempted to dip into it.

Don't give into all of your child's needs, decide with caution which expenses are a must and which ones are frivolous. Giving into all your kid's needs will lead to a pampered child, but a broke and stressed out you. Last but not the least, save a few hundred rupees every day.

While a few hundred rupees might not seem much now, it all builds up like the individual drops that add to form a large water fall.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2016, 19:15 [IST]
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