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How To Deal With A Depressed Child?

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Do you feel that your child has been spending a lot of time locked in his/room, lately? Is your child quite withdrawn and seems sad all the time?

If yes, then you should not brush it off as a mood swing. While it is quite common for growing kids to experience mood swings, if the symptoms persist for too long, then chances are it maybe some serious mental health issue.

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Depression is a grave health condition, which can affect people of any age and gender.

These days, with the high levels of stress and competition to do well at school, bullying, self-esteem issues, deep-rooted psychological problems, etc. many children suffer from depression.

Many a time, parents fail to understand the gravity of depression in children and feel that it will just go away as they grow up.

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What they do not realize is that depression is a serious mental condition which must be given professional attention and also kids suffering from depression must be given special care.

Have a look at some of the best tips to help you deal with a depressed child, here.


Tip #1

Firstly, you must be aware that depression is a serious mental condition and you must accept the fact that your child has a disorder and needs professional help.


Tip #2

Do not ridicule your child when he/she is upset or crying, as these are the symptoms of depression, which may worsen if you are too harsh on the child.


Tip #3

Do not get into anxiety yourself because you are worried about your child's mental condition. Be strong and supportive, so that your child has someone to lean on.


Tip #4

Ensure that you spend quality time with your child, even if it means taking some time off your busy schedule and make an effort to understand why your child got in to this state.


Tip #5

Take your child to a renowned therapist and ensure that your child does not skip therapy sessions. You can also talk to the psychologist yourself to understand the situation better.


Tip #6

Make sure that your child is following the advice given by the professional, like, taking medication on time, doing relaxation exercises, following a healthy diet etc.


Tip #7

Encourage your child to socialise more and take him/her out at least once a week to watch a movie or play his/her favourite sport etc.

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