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How To Build Strong Relationship Between Siblings

By Sneha A

Even though all family relationships are very precious, still the bond between siblings is the one that actually is the longest one a person gets to cherish in terms of the time duration.

This makes it a very important relationship in every person’s life. It is not so easy for parents to create a strong sibling bond, as this is one of those relationships that has to go through a lot of strains and fights.

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To understand how to build a strong relationship between siblings, one must also understand that the struggle between the brothers and sisters is almost inevitable, especially in the younger years.

There is a constant feeling of competition, irritation, frustration and so many quarrels that they may seem like a never-ending chain of challenges.

Even the smallest of the fights at times can turn your entire home into a war zone. However, it is up to the parents to ensure that these quarrels should not leave a long-lasting effect, disrupting the harmony among them.

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Genuine love is root of healthy relationships and so demonstrating such affection will help in fostering and nurturing a strong bond among the siblings.

Here are some helpful tips to build strong relationships between siblings, which you must take a look at.


1. Patience:

Be patient with the children and teach them to be the same. Children learn from their parents and, hence, you will have to keep this in mind when the conditions provoke you to set a good example. They need to understand the value of patience and accept each other's differences with love.


2. Positive Parenting:

We all know children learn from their elders and, hence, if you shout or scream, your elder child will imitate your behaviour and bully the younger one. Hence, positive parenting is essential to instill the right kind of behaviour in your children.


3. Competition:

Even if there has to be a competition in an activity, then let the kids compete against their parents, rather than among themselves. Make it a fun game and watch those sibs unite with each other and form a team.


4. Try Curbing The Tattling:

The elder child sometimes takes the role of a second parent, which may lead to clashes among them. For parents, it is essential to make the elder kid understand that except certain dangerous situations that they definitely need to tell, everything else is for Mom and Dad to worry about.


5. Messy Games:

For adults, the messy games may no more be fun, but for kids it is a real bonding and enjoyable time. Let them play with things like doughs and other things which you may find slimy and glucky. In this case, the mess is all worth it!


6. Playing As A family:

Make some time for the entire family to sit together and play to have an enjoyable time together. This strengthens the feeling of family as a whole unit and enhances the perception of the family as a whole.


7. Value Of Internal Pride:

Teach your kids to assess their own accomplishments, instead of waiting for others to assure them that they have done a good job. This will develop a sense of satisfaction and, thus, decrease the competition between the siblings and curb any kind of an insecurity that might develop.

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