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Home Remedies For Toddler's Cold And Cough

By Debdatta Mazumde

Cough and cold are common ailments that visit during a season change. And if you have a little kid in your family, you have to be extra cautious.

There are many parents who prefer to buy over-the-counter medicines to treat cough and cold in their babies. This is completely a wrong idea though.

Those medicines are not safe for your toddlers. Your kid may have allergies or it may be an attack of flu. Without consulting your doctor, don’t give any medicines to your babies.

So, why not try some home remedies for babies instead? There are some common natural ways to treat babies’ cold and cough, which are very easy to maintain.

Remember, these home remedies are not magic, which can cure your kid’s illness overnight. But, definitely these natural remedies can soothe your baby and reduce his/her ailment.

Running nose, sneezing, coughing, red eyes, etc, all make your little one feel very irritated. Coughing all night will keep him/her awake as well as your whole family.

How painful it is to see your kid going through so much pain! So, try some natural ways to treat your baby's cold and cough. You can consult your doctor before feeding any home remedies to your kid to be on a safe side however.

So, have a look at the different home remedies for babies to cure their cough and cold:


Enough Rest

While your kid is suffering from cough and cold, his body is fighting with the disease and he becomes weary due to this. Make him rest as much as possible so that his body can store energy to fight against the bacterial attack.


Nasal Drops

Yes, you can make it at home. Sterilize a bowl and spoon and mix salt into warm boiled water. Use it for your baby when it is cooled. Babies face difficulties to breathe when the air passage is blocked. This will help to soothe them.


Vapor Rub

You must have remembered how your mother used it to cure you. Now, use it for your kid. A rub, made with eucalyptus, mint and camphor, can make your child breathe better by creating cooling sensation. This is definitely one of the effective natural ways to treat babies' cold and cough.


Pouch of Garlic and Carom Seeds

One of the useful home remedies for babies. Roast dried cloves of garlic and 1TSP carom seeds and make a pouch of cloth with it. Keep the pouch at your child's bedside. The smoke of the pouch can make your child breath easily by relieving the congestion.



This is one of the most important home remedies for babies. Make your toddler drink water more than regular days. If they get irritated with water, make fruit smoothies for them. It will effect on their taste buds too which become dull during flu.


Tomato and Garlic Soup

This is another way to make your toddler have fluid. A warm bowl of tomato and garlic soup is regarded as the best remedy for kids after 8 months. Don't put chili powder or chili flakes in their soup.


Elevate Her Head

While your kid is resting, keep her head in a little elevated position. This will help her to breathe easily. Use soft and clean towel to make her head elevated. Consider this among the best home remedies for babies.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 6, 2016, 6:02 [IST]
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