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Foods That Boost Immunity In Kids

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Once your kids start going to the school, they must be given proper food that boosts the immune system. When the immune system is strong, the body can defend itself from various kins of infections and allergies.

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A balanced diet is the key for a healthy body. When you ensure that all kinds of nutrients are offered through the diet of your kid, you can rest assured.

But what are the foods that can boost the kid's immunity? Are there any specific foods to be offered regularly? Well, read on to know about such foods.



Yoghurt contains probiotics and is good for kids. Yoghurt can boost immunity and some studies claim that kids who consume yoghurt tend to fall sick fewer times compared to kids who don't.



Offer colourful vegetables to your kid as they contain carotenoids. Anti-oxidants can boost immunity and protect the body from various health issues.



Even garlic does a lot in strengthening the immune system. It also boosts the count of white blood cells. Even garlic plays an important role in preventing health issues in kids.



It contains lots of fibre, phytochemicals and other nutrients that are good for the immune system.



Walnuts offer omega 3 fatty acids which can prevent respiratory issues in kids. Unless your kid has nut allergy, you can give walnuts as snacks to your kid.



Almost all types of berries are good for kids as they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.



Lentils are good for the gut health and the immune system too. Children can be fed with beans and lentils on a regular basis.



Eggs are a very healthy breakfast option for kids. They contain proteins and vitamins and are good for the immune system.


Chicken Soup

Chicken soup can prevent cold and other minor seasonal infections apart from hydrating the body. Allow your kid to enjoy chicken soup once in a while.

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