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Negative Impact Of Cartoons On Kids


Enjoying cartoons has its own fun and benefits, but when the interest for cartoons becomes an addiction, the case is different. Do you know how cartoon effects children? Read on to know more.

Cartoons are becoming inevitable part of the daily life of kids nowadays. There are many parents who leave their children in from of cartoon screens just to make them eat food, to stay free or to be busy with their own works.

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If you are one among these parents, it is time for you to think about the negative effects of cartoon on child development. Watching cartoon daily will make them addicted to this. This will in turn affect their physical and mental development.

There are many studies that prove that addiction to cartoons seriously affect even the imagination power of children. They will be driven away from the real world and real life experiences.

The benefits playing out door are many when compared to watching cartoon on a couch. Here we may discuss how cartoons affect children.

Poor Language Development

Most of the cartoons are not using proper vocabulary. This will make your toddler follow this. Instead of trying to talk, they will simply make sounds just as their favourite cartoon character. This is one of the ways how cartoons affect children

Vision Problems

Continuous exposure to the bright light of computers or tablet is not good for your little one's eyes. Spending too much time in front of these screens will affect your toddlers vision in due course.

Less Physical Activities

Addiction to cartoons will make them spend most of their time indoors. They will never know the excitement of plating outside. Playing outdoors will help them know the nature and this will also keep them active and energetic. This is one of the effects of cartoons on kids.

Behavioural Problems

Spending too much time in front of cartoons is one of the root causes for isolation and indifference in children. They will not be considered about what all things happening around them. This will affect their social behaviour as well.

Wrong Eating Habits

Children who are addicted to cartoons will try to eat in front of the screen only. This is one of the main reasons for wrong and unhealthy eating habits in children. Eating habits that a child practices in their childhood will last with him for lifelong.

Poor Social Life

Cartoon addiction will affect the social life of children. They will not be interested in playing with other children of the same age and this will ultimately make them isolated from the social life. They will face problems in their future when they have to mingle with the society.


Children are more advanced than their parents! Once we loved watching Tom and Jerry, but our children are crazy about cartoons and video games that are based on violence. This is one of the serious effects of cartoons on kids.

Remember that children will never develop a habit of their own. What you teach them and what you do will form your child's habit. Know how cartoons affect children. Be wise to manage your child's cartoon timings and let them play in the real world.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 24, 2015, 3:03 [IST]
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