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How To Teach Your Child Tolerance?


Teaching your child tolerance is important. But why? Well, your child should comfortably grow up and live in this world which is filled with people from different traditions and cultures. The diverse opinions and lifestyles around should not create conflict in your child.

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In fact when your kid is tolerant, he or she will feel relaxed in the company of others who are from other backgrounds and will also learn new things from them easily.


In fact as tolerant adults, your kids will do well in their academics as well as their professions. In today's world, one should be tolerant.

Tactics That Never Work With Kids

Teaching tolerance to children is quite important as your kids have to work along with many others in their classrooms and even outside their classrooms. Appreciating others irrespective of their background is an important quality.

Now, let us discuss about how to teach your child tolerance.

How To Teach Your Child Tolerance


Be A Role Model

Children try to imitate their parents first. So, try to show your tolerance levels through your behaviour first as your kids would soon learn it from you.


Choose the right music, movies, books or art so that your kids' minds won't be poisoned by negative beliefs. When you feed your children with the right influences, they will learn tolerance easily.


Being tolerant doesn't mean that your kid must stay silent when someone behaves in an inappropriate way. Explain this fact clearly so that your kids will understand more about true tolerance.


Let your kids mingle with others' kids in the neighbourhood. This will be a good lesson for tolerance.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 2:13 [IST]
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