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How To Face Her Pregnancy Mood Swings


Your partner's mood swings during pregnancy can sometimes get on your nerves especially when you are on the receiving end.

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If your wife shouts at you and keeps finding fault with you every moment, then it would be wise to keep your calm and understand that it is just a temporary phase that won't last too long.

How long do pregnancy mood swings last? If they last longer than three weeks, it is better to consult your health care provider.

Generally, these pregnancy mood swings occur in some women in the first trimester due to hormonal changes. But most of the women gradually get accustomed to them.

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But as a husband, you must be able to cope with emotional mood swings during pregnancy in order to be patient with her. Read on to know how....

How To Face Her Pregnancy Mood Swings

Be Patient

Remember that the whole phase is temporary. If you can control your frustration for some time, you can get through easily.

Don't Go Personally

Remember that your wife is not yelling at you. Its her hormones shouting. Once they subside, she'll be fine.

Work On The Reasons

See that she is fed on time. Ensure that her blood pressure and blood sugar are stable. Such things will at least help her a bit in keeping her moods stable.

Hire A Servant Maid

It is good to have domestic help to make tasks easy for both of you. When you reduce workload, both of you can reduce frustration. Apart from the above, if you have any ideas please share them with us.

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