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Dealing With Toddler's Fractures

By Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara

A toddler is a child between the ages of 9 months to 3years. This is a very important stage in child’s life as it is a transition from an infant to an independent individual. The new found independence enables him/her to explore things on his own, move around and even express himself with increased clarity.

This brings an all new excitement to their life and the zest to keep pursuing the decided task until they gain perfection, which often leads to stress and accidents in the toddler. These accidents may often result in injuries which might require a cast. But it is not as major as it sounds.


More than half of the toddlers require a cast in this period due to accidental or non-accidental injury. Also, it not a cause of worry because the bones of the toddler are still growing and certain portions the joints have not formed yet. Thus, the fractures heal easily and faster leading to perfect recovery from the injury.

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But the major cause of worry here is the post cast phase when the toddler is in slight pain due to which he is restricted from his usual experimentation. They get very cranky and have no patience for you.

How to deal with toddler fractures? Well, here is a list that would help you deal with each stage, but remember to take one step at a time.

If you feel your child has broken a bone, then its time you head to the doctor. The injury might require a cast and dealing with toddler’s fracture can never be easy. Hence, here is a small check-list that would answer your question of how to deal with toddler fractures:


Dealing With Toddler Fractures Before The Cast…

1. Dealing with toddlers fracture can be difficult but seeing some cast pictures in advance would help him understand when the procedure is being done and would scare him less.

2. Motivate him with all the things that he could do after the cast and how it makes him special.

3. Hold his hand through the procedure so that he feels safe and maintain your composure so the child is less anxious.

4. Pay a little extra and get a water proof cast done so that the child is comfortable later on and doesn't have to be devoid from their favourite activities that make use of water.

Dealing With Toddler Fractures After The Cast….

1. If your child is attending pre-school request the teacher to give some time off to the other toddlers to come and sign the cast. Buy lots of colourful markers that would make activity fun for all of them.

2. Invite some of the child’s favourite relatives to do the same.

3. Put your focus on the activities that your child can do rather than what he can’t. Dealing with toddler fractures can be difficult for him too, have patience.

4. Plan a picnic or a fun game party with his friends and pack a box full of fun board games that would help him sit and enjoy his time.

Once the cast has been removed ask the toddler to rest a while to regain the strength and function of the part that was put under the cast. Go for regular post-cast checkups as prescribed by the doctor.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 22, 2015, 3:28 [IST]
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